Monday, February 26

Elon Musk enters with a sink in his hands on Twitter and announces that he is already “the boss”

The purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk may close in the next few hours. Although the company has not yet made it official, the billionaire, true to his irreverent style, has already proclaimed himself “head of Twitter” on his social network profile. He has accompanied it with a video that shows him entering Twitter headquarters carrying a sink, along with the message “let that sink in”, a common meme in English that can be translated as “let it sink in”. The action comes after a leak revealing that Musk plans to lay off 75% of Twitter’s 7,500 employees, as he has told the banks that are going to finance the operation.

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The businessman has until this Friday to close the purchase. It is the term that the judge granted him to reach a new friendly agreement with Twitter, after the company sued him for refusing to pay the 44,000 million dollars to which he had initially committed.

As reported by several US media, the management of the social network has sent an official memorandum this Wednesday to its employees to inform them that Musk is visiting the company’s headquarters this week. He adds that “you will be able to hear it directly on Friday”.

The latest leaks about his intentions have been devastating for the squad. According to the documentation to which the Washington PostMusk plans to lay off 75% of Twitter workers when he takes full control. The revelation coincides with the billionaire’s private messages that have been provided as evidence at trial, in which he states that “drastic measures need to be taken” on the platform and “restructure”.

The action of the tycoon entering Twitter’s headquarters with a sink also indicates that his idea is to “clean” the company. In his initial agreement, Musk stated that his intention was to turn the social network into a bastion of “freedom of expression.” Right after he started a campaign of accusations for the presence of fake accounts and bots in his user base, pointing out that they can be up to 20% of the total. He never offered any proof of it, but ended up using it as an excuse to void the purchase agreement.

It seemed that Musk was ready to go to trial after the consequent Twitter lawsuit, but days before it began and after spending millions of dollars on lawyers’ fees (up to 200 million, according to some calculations) he changed his mind again. He sent a letter to the company giving his arm to twist and communicating that he would pay the 44,000 million dollars.

Everything indicates that the billionaire will take control of Twitter, a social network with enormous weight in the political debate of Western societies, just before the mid-term elections in the US. The extreme right, which denounces that the majority platforms censor conservative speeches, has cheered his toilet action. In May, Musk confirmed that he would let Donald Trump back on the platform after he was banned from all major platforms for promoting the 2021 violent assault on Capitol Hill.

The narrative that social media censors conservative users for their policies against hateful or violent speech has been reinforced since Trump’s ouster. Last week rapper Kanye West – who changed his name to Ye – reached an agreement to buy Parler, the minority platform similar to Twitter to which a large number of far-right users migrated after being blocked from other networks.

“In a world where conservative views are considered controversial, we have to make sure we have the right to express ourselves freely,” said Ye, who had just been banned from Twitter and Instagram for his anti-Semitic comments.