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Elon Musk is homeless and sleeps on his friends’ couches | Digital Trends Spanish

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There is no day without sun, nor week without Elon Musk releasing some controversial comment.

The richest man in the world assures that he does not have his own house and that he sleeps on the free sofas that his friends lend him. Musk made these comments in a Interview with Chris Anderson, chief organizer of the TED conference.

“If I travel to the Bay Area, which is where most of Tesla’s engineering is, I rotate through the spare rooms of my friends,” says the executive, now a majority shareholder of Twitter.

Musk, whose estimated net worth is $251 billion dollars, He told this anecdote after Anderson told him that many are offended by the concept of a billionaire, given the disparities in the distribution of wealth. US lawmakers such as Senator Elizabeth Warren have also criticized mega-billionaires like Musk for paying low taxes.

“This would be a big deal if you were spending billions of dollars a year on personal consumption, but that’s not the case,” Musk told Anderson. The tycoon added that he does not own a yacht, nor does he take vacations, but he does have a private plane to save time on his commute.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard of Musk’s property uprooting. The founder of Tesla announced last year his decision to sell all his properties, in order to accumulate all possible resources to carry out his initiative to colonize the planet Mars with SpaceX.

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