Friday, October 7

“Elon Musk is my idol, but I’m not a coward,” says Binance CEO after discussion

After arguing with Elon Musk publicly, Binance’s CEO said the Tesla boss remains his idol despite his funny outlook.

It all started last Tuesday (23), when Musk called Binance a shady brokerage. That’s because the company has been blocking Dogecoin withdrawals for its customers for a few weeks.

This situation is unusual for Binance, which took this action after an update of its Dogecoin node, causing the broker to process the old withdrawals that were stopped. Thousands of Dogecoin were sent in error, with Binance blaming the coin’s developers for the mistake.

However, only Binance was affected by the problem., which raises doubts in the community about the ability of the broker’s technical team to resolve the issue, which was already clarified by the Dogecoin developers a few days ago.

Anyway, Elon Musk and CZ ended up discussing the matter publicly.

Binance CEO still thinks Elon Musk is his idol, after discussion on Twitter

After Elon Musk criticized Binance, the brokerage’s CEO lashed out at Tesla for a recent recall of its vehicles. In other words, he recalled that Musk also has problems in their companies and that they must correct them when they appear.

Upon seeing CZ’s comment, Musk just replied that he doesn’t have an account at Binance, that he couldn’t go through the company’s various registration screens and ended up giving up. It is worth remembering that he tried to use Binance.US, a division of the brokerage that serves the United States and is different from the main platform.

Afterwards, CZ told Elon that he didn’t like to see the bleak accusation in his business and that they are already struggling to solve Dogecoin’s looting problem. Elon Musk he said that this sounds good and closed the matter.

On the side of the CEO of Binance, it fell to him to explain about the discussion in an interview with Yahoo Finance, where he was asked what caused this problem with Musk. During his explanation, CZ said he is not aggressive, but neither is he submissive or cowardly when he needs to defend his business.

For him defending Binance is like defending his work, as well as keeping the cryptocurrency market firm. In his explanation, he cited that Elon Musk has a large following, a fact that could quickly echo his attack online, so he fought back with Tesla’s problems in an attempt to defend Binance.

After this, CZ still declared that Musk is still his idol, but that in some moments he publishes funny messages.