Wednesday, February 21

Elon Musk proposes his “solutions” for peace between Russia and Ukraine and Zelensky asks which side he is on

It is not the first time that Elon Musk has generated controversy for his eccentric statements and today he has done it again. The founder of SpaceX and Tesla has sparked controversy on Twitter by sharing his ideas on how to end the war in Ukraine.

“1: Repeat elections in the annexed regions under UN supervision. Russia leaves if that is the will of the people. 2: Crimea is formally part of Russia, as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev’s mistake). 3: Water supply to Crimea secured. 4: Ukraine remains neutral ”, the tycoon has written on his Twitter account in the form of a survey and then wonders how many people will die before these scenarios can occur.

Musk has also added that another possible outcome of the conflict, “although unlikely, is nuclear war.”

Then Musk has proposed another “solution”: “It should be the will of the people who live in Donbas and Crimea to decide whether they are part of Russia or Ukraine” and then ensure that Ukraine “has little chance of winning” since Russia has much more population.

The tycoon’s messages have provoked outrage and ridicule in equal parts, since numerous users of the social network have reproached him for speaking in those terms about a conflict that has claimed thousands of lives and millions of displaced people.

Who has also responded to Musk has been the president of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, who has addressed him with a simple question and two response options: “Which Elon Musk do you like the most? The one who supports Ukraine or the one who supports Russia”, the president has written on Twitter, accumulating thousands of “likes” in less than an hour.

Mijailo Podoliak, Zelenski’s adviser, has also responded to the businessman by proposing “a better peace plan”.

“1: Ukraine liberates its territories, including the annexed Crimea. 2: Russia undergoes demilitarization and mandatory denuclearization so that it can no longer threaten more countries. 3. War criminals are tried in an international court. Shall we vote?”, he asked Musk.

Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany has further raised the tone in his reaction to the billionaire’s “peace plan”: “Fuck you is my very diplomatic response,” he said on Twitter.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, without directly mentioning the businessman, said that “those who propose that Ukraine give up its people and lands – presumably so as not to hurt Putin’s ego or to save Ukraine from suffering – should stop using the word ‘peace’ as a euphemism for ‘allowing the Russians to murder and rape thousands more innocent Ukrainians and take more land for themselves’.

The tycoon’s attitude has nothing to do with what he showed in the first days of the war, since in March he expressed his support for Ukraine, something that Zelenki publicly thanked. The president also showed his gratitude to the billionaire for activating the satellite internet service in Ukraine star link and they even got to talk about space projects.