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Elon Musk reveals date for the relaunch of Twitter Blue | Digital Trends Spanish

Twitter will relaunch registrations for its service Twitter Blue on November 29, the owner said Tuesday Elon Musk.

Anyone who signs up for the $8 a month service will have a blue checkmark placed next to their account name, ending the old system where the coveted checkmark was only given to verified accounts of politicians, celebrities, staff of high-profile media and other public figures.

It means that the blue check mark will essentially become a symbol simply showing that you are a Twitter subscriber with access to premium features, while many of the previously verified accounts will display a new “official” label on their profile.

In fact, the “official” tag has just started to reappear on many of Twitter’s profile pages after appearing on a few accounts last Wednesday before being quickly removed by the company.

In another tweet on Tuesday, Musk said that all unpaid legacy blue checkmarks will be removed from profile pages “in a few months.”

The company halted the Twitter Blue subscription service on Friday after a large number of imitation accounts began appearing with the old blue checkmark, causing confusion for many among the community’s roughly 230 million active users. Some of the imitation accounts bore the names of well-known nintendoYely lilyand contained tweets that were offensive or false or both.

Annoyed by the swirl of confusion surrounding Twitter since the acquisition of Musk for 44,000 million dollars as of the end of October, several brands have paused advertising on the platform.

Musk’s message on Tuesday is an attempt to reassure users, as well as advertisers, that the uncertainty surrounding Twitter Blue, or “Blue Verified” as he calls it in his tweet, will end by the end of this month.

Punting relaunch of Blue Verified to November 29th to make sure that it is rock solid

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 15, 2022

Days after taking over Twitter, Musk laid off nearly half the workforce in a bid to cut costs and push the platform toward profit. The CEO, CFO and the entire board of directors were also giving their marching orders.

A lot of uncertainty still surrounds the future of Twitter. Many are wondering to what extent Musk will follow through on his previously stated desire to relax content moderation on the platform, which could lead to more offensive and problematic content appearing in tweets. The new owner may also want to add a suite of additional services, such as payments and purchases, in an effort to transform it into a so-called “everything app.” First, though, he needs to get those brands back into ad spending, or at least persuade a lot people to sign up for Twitter Blue.

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