Monday, May 23

Elon Musk reveals that he does not intend to “make money” with Twitter | Digital Trends Spanish

A few days after acquiring 9.1% of its shares, Elon Musk surprised everyone by offering a fortune for absolute control of Twitter. Hours after the proposal, the Tesla CEO also asserted that he does not intend to “make money” with the microblogging social network.

“My strong intuitive sense is that having a public platform that is highly trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important,” he said. Speaking at a TED talk in Vancouver, he added that when it comes to the “future of civilization, finances don’t matter at all.”

Judging by his words, the tycoon of South African origin wants the platform to be a kind of open and pluralistic space. “Twitter has become a kind of de facto public square,” he said. And he stressed that “it is important that people have the perception that they can speak (there) freely, within the limits of the law.”

For the same reason, he said that it would be essential for Twitter to “open the code of its algorithm.” “The code should be on Github so people can check it out,” she elaborated.

Asked if his plan for the control of Twitter will work, which will be analyzed by the board of directors, he limited himself to responding: “I’m not sure”. If he fails, he confessed that he has a “plan B” and that he would start by getting rid of the domain titles he owns.

In addition, he pointed out that his checking account has the money to pay $54.20 dollars for the shares that are missing for 100%. The operation would contemplate a disbursement of 43 billion (43,000 million) dollars by the billionaire.

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