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Elon Musk wants to go to space on Richard Branson’s ship | Digital Trends Spanish

Richard Branson is the man of the moment, at least when it comes to space exploration. Virgin Galactic’s owner traveled to the edge of space aboard the VSS Unity spacecraft.

This prompted criticism from Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ company, who claimed that the London millionaire did not actually travel into space.

However, his journey also aroused the admiration of Elon Musk, owner of SpaceX, so much so that the also owner of Tesla wants to travel into space on Branson’s ship.

In fact, Musk has already bought a ticket to fly aboard the SpaceShipTwo, another of Virgin Galactic’s ships. The mogul also met with Branson before his trip, confirming the good relationship that exists between the two.

Big day ahead. Great to start the morning with a friend. Feeling good, feeling excited, feeling ready.

Watch # Unity22 launch and livestream TODAY at 7:30 am PT | 10:30 am ET | 3:30 pm BST.@virgingalactic @elonmusk

& mdash; Richard Branson (@richardbranson) July 11, 2021

The two entrepreneurs constantly show their support in their space ventures, a situation that does not happen with Bezos, the other millionaire who will also travel to space (in fact, he will go on July 20 in the New Shepard of Blue Origin).

In this way, Musk, who attended the Branson takeoff last weekend, is part of a list of about 600 people who have already bought their ticket and are waiting to travel in one of the Virgin Galactic ships.

Each ticket costs $ 250,000 and several celebrities have already purchased one, including actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio.

In the case of SpaceX, its first mission with private astronauts is expected to take place in September, reaching Earth orbit, which would mark a difference with what Virgin Galactic did and what was anticipated by Blue Origin.

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