Tuesday, July 5

Elon Musk’s New Favorite “memecoin” Seeks Position: What’s Lorde Edge All About

But it is not only the web that describes it this way, but the developers behind the new token seem to fully accelerate its promotion through the network. A community on Telegram and a great marketing plan implemented seem to be the two weapons under which this new launch pivots. Memes, giveaways and NFTs are part of the plan. The developers have even already put together a whitepaper to share future plans for the token.

“We are alive and booming! Lorde Edge is with us,” wrote the creators of the cryptocurrency on their account. Twitter.

The preference for Dogecoin

Despite the new cryptocurrency, Elon Musk does not hide his favoritism for Dogecoin. A week ago, Elon Musk he again commented on the proposal to create a new university called the Texas Institute of Technology and Science, which would have “epic merchandising.”

The magnate has already accustomed his followers to extravagant ideas and, for many, difficult to achieve. This time, it was no different, as the billionaire unveiled his new plan. In the new statements, the mogul announced that tuition fees will be accepted in cryptocurrency Dogecoin and that dog owners will have guaranteed discounts.

The supposed plan has a touch of humor on the part of the head of Tesla and SpaceX, since the acronyms that would come out of a university with that name would coincide with the English word TITS that designates women’s breasts. The university designed by the billionaire, to settle in Texas, could be an excellent way for him to train high-quality engineers and scientists to work on his companies and projects.