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“Empty Spain” already has its venture capital fund

The Spanish manager Dunas Capital promotes its commitment to socially responsible investments (ESG) through the launch of two new funds and the reconversion of a third. His proposal sees potential investor in what is known as “empty Spain.”

Specifically, the financial group presented at the beginning of November a venture capital fund with a target size of 50 million euros specialized in what is known as “empty Spain.”

They are the rural areas of the country whose economic development has lagged behind the most thriving regions.

Latest Release: Dunas Absolute Impact FCR

Among the main investments of the fund, called Dunas Absolute Impact FCR, is the “development of sustainable and collaborative agriculture, improving crop management, training farmers in new working techniques that are more respectful of the environment and nature”, according to says the company.

Likewise, the vehicle will also invest in renewable energy infrastructures in those same regions, with the aim of generating economic activity and fighting against climate change.

Precisely, the second vehicle with which Dunas intends to advance in the field of socially responsible investment is the Dunas Clean Energy I FCR, also focused on the renewable energy sector and launched in July of this year with an initial portfolio of seed assets 400 megawatts.

Like the previous one, it is a venture capital fund (FCR) with a target size of up to 250 million euros and that aims to build a portfolio of photovoltaic projects of up to 1 GW.

The manager defends the suitability of this vehicle to generate returns in a context of low interest rates, while contributing to the fight against climate change.

“There is a broad consensus that the economic recovery has to be marked by sustainability and, for this reason, we are delighted with the launch of Dunas Clean Energy I, FCR. Having an innovative, differential, profitable and sustainable product offer is what has allowed us to gain the trust of our clients and to become the Spanish independent manager that has captured the most assets so far this year ”.

“We are confident that we will continue taking steps towards the sustainable growth of the group in the coming months”, says the president of Dunas Capital, David Angulo, to

Lastly, the Spanish manager reconverted its Dunas Selección USA Covered fund in September to link it to the ESG investment.

In that sense, the fund will no longer have the S&P 100 index as a reference to begin to follow the S&P 500 ESG index, which measures the performance of securities that meet sustainability criteria in the United States. With this change, the fund will be renamed Dunas Selección USA ESG Covered.

Commitment to responsible investment

Beyond these three products, Dunas’ commitment to socially responsible investment is growing.

Thus, it should be recalled that the firm recently announced its adherence to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and the creation of an internal committee called Dunas ESGreen.

It is responsible for ensuring the proper internal functioning and ensuring that the creation of long-term value is done in a responsible and sustainable manner in all managed vehicles.

Likewise, the group plans to continue deepening this line over the coming months through various initiatives that will allow it to continue to strengthen its commitment to sustainability.

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