Wednesday, October 27

Empty Spain decides to create an instrument of political participation to attend the next electoral appointments

The groups present at the III General Assembly of Emptied Spain, including the Teruel Existe Citizen Movement, have agreed by consensus to create a political tool to present themselves to the next electoral processes that are convened.

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The decision has been taken, through a “realistic, emotional and very deep” debate, during the Assembly held this weekend in the town of Priego (Cuenca), in the monastery of San Miguel de la Victoria.

More than 70 groups represented by their spokespersons, from 28 provinces, have opted that “in all the territories of Spain the application of the Constitution is effective and real.”

The debate, marked by the need to find a way to achieve a more socially and territorially cohesive Spain, has concluded with a decision that may have “transcendental” importance in the future of many counties and provinces.

The spokespersons of the citizen groups have recalled that “the path of electoral participation is being demanded by many citizens, in many territories, who feel the need to take this decisive step.” The agreement has been made with a shared objective, from the conviction that the territorial rebalancing will promote a “better” country.

Decades of “neglect”

Those present agreed that “the time has come to express our firm determination, after decades of neglect, to change things, and we will do so by running for the next elections, to work for a common good, a more structured and cohesive country, with equality for all “.

“We are aware that we need to face emphatically the territorial imbalances that are a problem in this country,” they added.

It is not just a question of just regional or provincial demands that have sometimes been neglected for decades. The present spokesmen have assured to feel “very excited by the unity and the spirit that they have expressed before the decision.” “We are different collectives and of very diverse origin, but we are united by common objectives and the resounding conviction that we must mobilize so that our territories survive, seeking synergies that allow us to join forces to defend our future.”

The example of Teruel Exists

More than 160 groups representing some thirty provinces and 12 autonomous communities make up Empty Spain. Encouraged by the example of Teruel Existe, which in the last general elections was the most voted force in its province, obtaining a deputy and two senators, Empty Spain has considered that “it is necessary to be present in the institutions to have the capacity to influence in the political measures that affect us, because the decisions that are condemning the future of many of our regions are being taken by politicians. ”

“The Emptied Spain can no longer wait; it is time to move forward decisively to begin to resolve, urgently, the serious problem of depopulation and imbalances, acting in all institutions and in all areas”, they have pointed.