Saturday, May 21

Empty Spain opens a franchise in Madrid against the policy of the “office in the Castellana”

The deputy of Teruel Existen, Tomás Guitarte, and the attorney of Soria Ya Ángel Ceña are committed to convincing the people of Madrid of the “possible correction” of the territorial imbalance

Since he was elected deputy, Tomás Guitarte, from Teruel Exists, has already been stopped by the Puerta del Sol from Madrid to tell him that if they could they would vote for him. Whether they are natives concerned about the population imbalance or internal immigrants whom the municipal register forces to vote in the capital, on the Revolt for Emptied Spain platform they believe that in the Community of Madrid of fiscal competition there is also a fishing ground of citizens sensitive to their claims for correction of the centripetal territorial model, and for this reason they presented the platform España Vaciada Madrid this Thursday in the capital.

The people of Madrid are not interested in so much centralism either, defended Ignacio Sánchez, promoter of the adventure, in an act at the Casa de Soria in which Guitarte himself and Ángel Ceña, attorney for Soria Ya in Castilla y León, took part. Although he recognized that 85% of the municipalities of Madrid are growing, Sánchez pointed out that there are others such as San Mamés, in the mountains, or Estremera, in the Alcarria, which are harmed by the “subjugation of the rural environment” that supposes the preponderance of the Urban Madrid. It is still early days for nominations, but among the hundred present, the possibility of obtaining a deputy from Madrid in a general election was mentioned, or staying close and thus attracting the attention of the traditional parties.

Although from the platform they avoid positioning themselves ideologically to the right or left, Guitarte and Ceña outlined proposals that almost necessarily go through public investment. Thus, health and education, but also leisure and culture, as Ceña pointed out, or the commitment to public rental of housing also in the towns, to which Guitarte referred. “Housing policy cannot be done from an office in Castellana”, the Soriano criticized. The speakers, moderated by the journalist Cristina Armunia, insisted that they are frequently called from Barcelona or Seville by citizens attracted by the project, who want to collaborate despite living in large cities.

When it was the turn of the public, around a hundred people, there was criticism from a man from Cuenca about the elimination of the traditional railway service in his city, which he compared to the ghost train from Madrid to Navalcarnero. Another attendee wanted to know about the platform’s position regarding environmentalism, and Guitarte replied that it is good, but that one should not go “to extremes.” He also called for the solidarity of the locals. “You don’t have to go hungry to be against world hunger,” he explained.

That the Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) be installed in deprived rural areas instead of in large cities, or that a definitive commitment be made to high-speed internet coverage to encourage teleworking were some of the proposals that they signed up, always with the conviction that those who left home for work in Madrid would return if conditions permitted. “We have to make it clear that this is not a movement against Madrid,” pointed out Guitarte, who had defended that the provincial movements that have been sprouting since the first irruption of Teruel Exists in 2019 “are clear” about the model of the country that they want, unlike “PP, PSOE or Podemos”.

Both Guitarte and Ceña told anecdotes from their respective electoral campaigns, of acts with just a handful of people that translated, however, into large majorities in small towns. In the accounts of the public, someone spoke of reaching 15 deputies between Soria, Teruel, Cuenca and many other depressed provinces. Ceña launched: “We want to be more important than the PNV or ERC.” It remains to be seen if the idea materializes in Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s Madrid.

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