Wednesday, May 18

Empty Spain presents its candidates in Castilla y León: “we know where we come from and who we represent”

Empty Spain has presented its candidates in Castilla y León, “militants” of its territory and they warn that they arrive “without fear and with memory”. “We know where we come from and who we represent”, they assured. The Palencia town of Ampudia has hosted an act that has had the presence of the head of the list of the platform in

Burgos, Palencia, Salamanca and Valladolid, as well as Soria, which is also part of the movement and presents itself as an electoral group ‘Soria ¡YA!’ in an act presented by one of the “historic” members of Teruel Exists, Amado Goded, and “protected” by Senator Joaquín Egea and Deputy Tomás Guitarte, they report in a statement sent to Europa Press

Joaquín Egea has highlighted that Ampudia joins the “milestones” that España Vaciada has reached so far, by hosting the first presentation of candidacies, which represents a “new historical moment”, on a par with those experienced in Madrid on the 31st of March 2019 with the great manifestation of the Revolt of the Empty Spain, the creation of the Development Model with its presentation in the Congress of Deputies, and the decision to create a political tool of the Priego assembly, in September 2021.

From the stage he has encouraged all the candidates and has assured that they are not “afraid” of the challenge they face because they have “memory” and know where they come from, who they represent and why they have presented themselves. “We went out to win in all the provinces,” he added.

They assure that the slogan chosen for the campaign, ‘It’s time!’, reflects the “feeling” of many anonymous neighbors who in recent months have asked them to take this step.

They emphasize that it is the right time due to the “urgent” need to undertake policies that allow the process of depopulation to be reversed and that generate “equal opportunities” and a “solution” to the problems derived from the lack of territorial balance suffered by the provinces of Emptied Spain in general, “and Castile and León in particular”, and explain that it is also a “responsibility” with the people of Castile-Leon, who deserve “solutions”, “that is why our priority now is to work on this line from the institutions and be decisive where decisions are made”.

The head of the list of candidates participated in the act. The first to intervene was Ángel Ceña, from Soria ¡YA!, who has emphasized the “serious” situation of depopulation that the province of Soria is going through, together with Teruel and Cuenca, with 8.6 inhabitants per square kilometer.

He has ensured that Soria NOW! takes this step as one more vindictive act, “perhaps the most important”, and that they intend to influence politics because politicians have filled the Empty Spain with “words and unfulfilled promises”. “We are not going to remain unmoved or impassive, we will have to be on top of those who govern so that they fulfill their promises,” he added.

The candidate from Spain Emptied Salamanca, Verónica Santos, has stated that they proudly assume this new responsibility. It has affected the lack of opportunities for the youth of Salamanca, with a university city that exports “talent”, training 30,000 students a year, “but whose towns are empty of people and services, unemployment reaches high levels and young people must emigrate” . “This is a land of opportunities but abandoned by politicians”, he pointed out to claim a “National Pact for the return of talent” and projects to generate employment in the territory.

José Ramón González, candidate for Vía Burgalesa España Vaciada, has highlighted the important role played by associations and social movements in Burgos, working for “many years” on different projects, “but we see that in the end there is no voice that represents us “.

He has opted for a “new way” of doing politics, based on cooperation and joint work, in search of the common good and to bring the needs of people and their real problems to the institutions to affirm that they will listen “a lot” to the people of the territory and to collect their proposals, “as we are already doing”.

He ended by highlighting the hope of all those who, “as in his case”, are returning to the territory, with projects and people involved in creating a social, business and sustainable fabric, projects that must be supported from the institutions.

The candidacy of España Vaciada Valladolid is headed by Cristina Blanco, who in her speech has expressed that they come to the project “from humility” and with the decision that they come “to add illusion, energy, experience and work, in search of results” .

Blanco has indicated that the problems of the territories of the Emptied Spain are common and that they have to “fight together” to resolve them and has explained that they will be the voice in the institutions of the demands of society in the Emptied Spain, about which has highlighted the work they have been doing.

Nieves Trigueros, number one on the list of Spain Emptied Palencia has closed the round of speeches by candidates, alluding to their roots in social movements. “We have been fighting for many years, we have seen projects for our peoples that make us scared and have to work hard on allegations to defend them. We are militants of our territory and we want to continue being so. This is one more step,” he added.

He has stated that although “it will be difficult to recover everything that has been lost”, they want to “move forward”, and they arrive “excited and eager to work”.

Thomas Guitarte

The deputy of Teruel Exists, Tomás Guitarte, has been in charge of closing this act, the first public act of the Empty Spain political formation, which they have arrived almost without realizing it, “but aware that we are in a historical moment”.

In his speech he denounced the “wrong” development model that has been promoted in recent decades in Spain, whereby “some territories have been relegated to being at the service of others, more developed”.

Guitarte has stated that the time has come when the “forgotten” say they don’t want to “continue like this”. “We ask that the balance and equality promulgated by the Constitution be complied with, that we have opportunities,” he added.

In this sense, he explained that the territories of the Empty Spain share the same problems, “the result of a political error, which can be corrected”, and he gave as an example the policy developed for a greater territorial balance in other European countries.

In his speech, he explained that the electoral proposal of Empty Spain is intended to reorient and correct the current model, so that growth and sustainable development are carried out in territorial balance, and that this is one of the political priorities of any government at any level, affirming that this objective is not only a “priority”, but that they are the only political formation that defends a model different from the one that has been followed.

For Empty Spain, the problem of depopulation and territorial imbalance transcends partisan struggle because it is “a problem of survival, an emergency that must be resolved without further delay, overcoming the ideological confrontation and, above all, the confrontation between partisan blocs.”

Tomás Guitarte has recounted the experience of Teruel Exists in the institutions, by which they know that the inertia of public administrations tends to continue “as always”. “That’s why if we are there from the 14th, this will start to change and you will be the agents of that change.” For Guitarte and for España Vaciada, presence in institutions is essential to get the country to change.