Monday, December 6

Enacom facilitated the expansion of connectivity in tourist centers

Also during rest times, and one of the first measures of this management – the expansion from 10,000 to 30,000 inhabitants of the localities that could receive Non-Refundable Contributions (ANR) – allowed the inclusion of several tourist centers that do not have many permanent residents, but they need a network to support the demand that is generated in high season.

Two concrete examples of this initiative were the actions carried out in the city of Mar Azul (Villa Gesell-Buenos Aires) and in Villa Lago Meliquina (Lácar-Neuquén).

In Mar Azul, the Cooperativa Telefónica y Otros Servicios de Villa Gesell (Cotel Ltda.) Designed and implemented a direct fiber network to the home, which brings high-speed internet to 550 families in that town, as well as to the Casa de la Cultura, the health center, squares, sports court and other public spaces.

In this town, the infrastructure was built underground, to respect the urban fabric but especially to preserve the characteristic wooded areas of the area.

Another great work was the laying of the first underwater fiber optic in the country, which was carried out during the pandemic in Lake Meliquina in Neuquén, to reach Villa Meliquina with fiber optics, a project of the Cooperativa de Telecomunicaciones de San Martín de los Andes (Cotesma) that hired Tecnored for the work.

That laying, which required $ 10 million, of which Enacom contributed $ 6.5 million, was carried out between the west head of Lake Meliquina, 40 km from San Martín de los Andes, to the peninsula; and from there to the east head where is the homonymous village.

The eight kilometers of fiber rest on the lake bed at a depth of 120 meters, and were installed by teams of divers in two days.

This network replaces the provision of internet service to the 500 people who live in Villa Meliquina, which comes through the radio-electric jump system through the mountain and that “in winter the panels and batteries froze and the link fell. “, explained to Télam the owner of Cotesma, Juan Carlos Astete.

The entity stressed the “importance of State action for those who invest in a country with more local growth and lasting work, hand in hand with tourism and production and through digital inclusion, as an axis of policies that not only transform the economic aspects, but also the social ones, putting them in even more value in times of recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic “.