Tuesday, March 28

End of the “Mr. Egea, I’m going to give you a piece of information”: the best clashes between Yolanda Díaz and the former general secretary of the PP

Since Yolanda Díaz became Vice President of the Government almost a year ago, her ‘face to face’ with Teodoro García Egea in Congress have been some of the parliamentary moments that have gone viral. The former secretary general of the Popular Party was in charge of launching questions to the leader of United We Can in the control sessions to the Government, where the vice president has used to throw information to deny the reproaches of her adversary.

“Mr. García Egea, I am going to give you the data,” Díaz has repeated on several occasions in these months. “Do you think that the employment tax is going to be favorable for job creation?” Egea once asked. he governed his party”, answered the also Minister of Labor. And so on numerous occasions.

Despite these traditional scuffles, Yolanda Díaz has not wanted to put her finger on the sore spot of the internal crisis in the PP and has preferred to show empathy with García Egea. She already did so this Tuesday, before her resignation as general secretary was confirmed: “My respect is absolute,” she said, “beyond our heated debates and our data crossings.”

This Wednesday, García Egea has not attended the control session, but Díaz’s data has been present. They have addressed Diego Movellán, a PP deputy for Cantabria, who has been in charge of formulating the question that the former general secretary of the PP had intended to formulate until his party opened the channel.

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