Wednesday, December 8

Ending the pandemic and meeting the challenge of migration is North America’s common goal

The president of United States, Joe Biden, received at the White House Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The leaders held a series of meetings to revive relations between North American countries, focusing on reaching common ground on trade, climate change and migration.

Our North American vision for the future is based on our shared strengths ”, Biden said before a meeting with his counterparts.

“We have to end the pandemic and take decisive action to stop the climate crisis. We have to promote an inclusive economic recovery (…) we have to handle the challenge of an unprecedented migration in our hemisphere “added the president.

The meeting was the first between the three leaders since 2016 and it comes amid increased migratory flows from Central and South America heading north and a supply chain crisis.

At the beginning of the Summit of the so-called ‘Three friends’, Mexican President López Obrador called on his counterparts in the United States and Canada to “Stop rejecting migrants when to grow up, you need a workforce that is not really sufficient in either the United States or Canada ”.

AMLO, as he is also known by the initials of his name, suggested studying the demand for labor and opening up the migratory flow in an orderly fashion, a topic that has been announced as one of the pillars of the meeting.

The Mexican president also praised Biden for his promotion of the reform of the Migration Law, which, according to him, would help “To improve the situation of migrants” by opening the possibility of regularizing the migratory situation of 11 million people “who live and work honestly in this great nation.”

In addition to addressing the immigration issue, which Biden did not refer to in depth, governments are expected to agree to reduce methane emissions in its oil and gas sectors between 60% and 75% by 2030, according to the agency Reuters.

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