Tuesday, January 18

Endor Awards, the Mexican contest that will award an NFT to the most creative

To reward creativity and talent, the Mexican advertising agency, Endor, will hold the third installment of the Endor Awards, where people from all over the world linked to design will be competing for the recognition of this group.

On this occasion, applicants will be able to present their designs based on four categories: branding, marketing, video and web. There, those who participate they will be able to exploit their talents.

According to competition rules, the applications were until November 30 and, now, the deliberation of the judges is pending for December 3, when they will publish the names of the finalists. The award ceremony is scheduled for Monday, December 6.

What is also interesting are the awards, which range from memberships and courses on the Endor Group platform, to a publication in a newspaper and a presence in networks. But there is one in particular that caught our attention: un token no fungible (NFT).

What is that NFT about?

To delve into that last but important award, CriptoNoticias spoke with the marketing director of the Endor Group, Everardo Luna. He explained that art responds to literally tokenized version of the 2019 trophy of the year, which was delivered during the first edition of the competition.

But here’s the funny thing. Because the contest will be divided into four sections, There will be four trophies to be awarded to whoever wins, depending, logically, on the classification. The particularity is that each award will have personalized characteristics.

The manager explained that the NFTs will be hosted in the cloud of OpenSea (where there is already a first sample) and that the transfer of the token will be made to the winner through an account the day after the award ceremony, that is, on December 7.

The NFT, which was designed and created by the agency itself, will be awarded as a prize motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which made it impossible to have a face-to-face meeting to carry out the awards ceremony.

This, in addition to the total digitization that is being observed in the world and the growth that these tokenized digital files have had, with which it is possible to monetize.

A sample of the tokenized trophy is on the OpenSea marketplace / Source: Screenshot.

“The problem we had was how to deliver the physical trophy, because in the end it is important that (the winners) have one, in addition to the prizes. And we thought about this option (the NFT) because it is very easy, especially on the digital art side, “he explained.

Regarding the comments from the public and the contestants, Luna said that there is a lot of curiosity, especially in the youngest, because there is ignorance around these tokens.

“We have been explaining what the NFT is and they understand it more when we talk about it being related to cryptocurrencies. Young people are the ones who are most curious and want to win them, “he said.

200 people registered

The marketing director of the Mexican advertising agency Endor, Everardo Luna, / Source: Everardo Luna.

Luna told us that there are already at least 200 people registered, excited for the awards. “What moved the most was when we announced the trophy, apart from the other awards,” he said.

“The important thing about this award is that people join the trend (…) and for young people to start getting into cryptocurrencies and NFTs,” he concluded.

The Endor Awards, scheduled for Monday, December 6, It can be seen through the official channel of the agency on YouTube and other social networks of the company.

NFT in everything

That an NFT is a prize in an important contest was to be expected, especially if you take into account that these files have gained real importance, so much so, that it is the word of the year, as we recorded it in CriptoNoticias.

Movies and auction houses have joined the trend of NFTs, as clear investment strategies, which translate growing fast for a financial instrument It seems like it won’t go away

Soccer teams, breweries, singers, and, of course, artists, have known how to use new technologies to immortalize brands in a space that is constantly expanding.

This, not counting the games Play-To-Earn, based on NFT, and with which people have been able to survive major crises, such as the case we recorded in CriptoNoticias.

For this reason, it is positive that firms like Endor decide to join the NFT movement, since they guarantee the presence and updating of their services, while contributing to a faster growth of this important market.