Monday, August 8

Eneko Andueza sweeps with 95% of the votes in the primaries and will be the new leader of the Basque Socialists

Eneko Andueza (Eibar, 1979) is already the new secretary general of the PSE-EE. The one who until now was the leader of the party in Gipuzkoa and also a spokesperson in the Basque Parliament has devastated this Saturday in the internal primaries the alternative candidacy headed by the former leader of Basauri Soraya Morla. According to the data provided on Saturday night, Andueza has accumulated 95.3% of the support compared to 4.28% for Morla. The participation has been 65.75%.

The congress that will resolve the internal battle of EA will start in February with its role within EH Bildu in discussion

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Andueza was the great favorite since the intention of Idoia Mendia, seven years secretary general, was known to step away from office and focus on her status as vice-lehendakari in the coalition government with the PNV headed by Iñigo Urkullu. In addition, he also occupies a new position in Ferraz after the recent PSOE congress. It has had the backing of the whole apparatus and with a census of 5,013 Morla militants, it has barely added 141 supporters for 3,141 of the winner. In his land, in Gipuzkoa, he has reached 98.34% of the ballots and the participation has been more than ten points higher than in Bizkaia and Álava. In total, 3,296 people have approached the 74 authorized polls.

Andueza has voted in the morning in his native Eibar and has already stressed that it is time to “open a new time of hope and illusion in the history of Basque socialism, a long history of 135 years, full of hard moments, but also extraordinary.” It has opted to “continue putting into practice socialist policies that are in accordance with citizen demands: fight against climate change, for equality, against violence against women, education, health, employment, housing,. .. “. “I appeal to that illusion to open a new time for Euskadi and bring the best for citizens, now that we Socialists are fundamental from beginning to end,” he insisted, according to Europa Press. The congress that will complete this process will be held on November 20 and 21.