Saturday, December 4

Engadget Live 3×02: Is it possible to talk about technology and end up suffering with spicy food? Yes.

We continue with the new season of Engadget Live, our late night technology and entertainment program that we do around the Xataka Awards.

In this program we talk about how technology has been thinning over time and we get to know the news of the Microsoft Surface Go 3, the smallest of the Surface family. We also asked a Microsoft spokesperson to convince us to install Windows 11 with a countdown.

In addition, we recreated the famous contest “El Precio Justo” but in our own way and with a new name: “El Peso Justo”. Basically my partner Fabio and I have to guess how much some illustrious tech products we can’t touch weigh. Whoever loses, has to face tabasco, chillies or olives with chilli. The result will surely be much more fun for you than it was for us 🌶️🥵.

You can see the previous chapter of this third season:

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