Friday, December 3

Engadget Live 3×03: obsessed with the “good, pretty and cheap”

We all like to think that we have been right when we have bought something, and in products that we use every day, such as mobile phones, the decision is not so simple. How much do I have to spend? Am I paying more or less than the bill? The new episode of Xataka Live, our technology and entertainment program linked to the Xataka Awards.

We spoke with Juanjo Gonzalez, Senior Channel Marketing Manager de Realme Spain, which brings us the Realme GT Neo 2, a mobile that wants to stand out for its raw power and its price (from € 369 on sale on Amazon for Black Friday). In addition, we play with Juanjo to guess which of the same two types of product is the most expensive. The truth is that we did not make it easy for him because he had to distinguish, for example, between tap water and expensive bottled water.

On the other hand, we meet Ramírez, from accounting, who wants us to turn off all the lights “and that big TV in the background that no one is watching” because electricity is very expensive. We say goodbye with our traditional geek battle, in which our colleagues Fabio Rodríguez and Alesya Makarov fight for “buy a lot and cheap” O “buy little and expensive”.

We leave you with the full program on our YouTube channel:

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Engadget Live 3×03: obsessed with the “good, pretty and cheap”

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