Wednesday, February 21

Engineer hacked airline website and recovered lost suitcase | Digital Trends Spanish

Poor customer service can be just as or more frustrating than losing luggage after a plane trip. But the combination of factors was unbearable for an Indian user, who hacked into his airline’s website to recover a lost suitcase.

The story was shared on their social media by software engineer Nandan Kumar and subsequently certified by BBC. The negligent company was IndiGo Airlines, a local leader in passenger traffic and one of the largest in the sector in Asia.

According to the 28-year-old man’s testimony, the firm refused to help him track down the person who mistakenly took his luggage off the conveyor belt. Worst? He only warned him to get home, because the suitcases were identical.

Overwhelmed by the null support of the company, he took extreme measures. “After several failed attempts, my savvy instinct had me hit the F12 button to open the developer console on the IndiGo website,” he recounted.

After checking the records, he was able to identify the names of the passengers and their national identity document (DNI) numbers. When he gave some tips to the employees of the firm, they again refused to help him, he claimed him.

Finally, he found the phone number of the passenger who was able to take his suitcase, contacted him and they exchanged their belongings. “At no point was the IndiGo website compromised,” she said.

The company limited itself to clarifying that “the customer service team followed the protocol by not sharing the contact details of the passengers, in accordance with the data privacy policies.” In addition, he asserted that, despite all the attempts, “the calls remained unanswered.”

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