Tuesday, July 5

England will eliminate the mandatory nature of masks even in public transport despite the triggered infections

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now appealing for personal responsibility to help control COVID-19 in Monday’s announcement of the latest step in lifting restrictions in England.

England is expected to enter next July 19 in phase four of the roadmap established by the British Government to get out of the strong measures established at the beginning of the year to control the spread of COVID-19.

Despite of increased infections due to the delta variant, identified for the first time in India, the British authorities consider that the success of the vaccination plan started in the United Kingdom last December has managed to weaken the link between infections and the severity of the disease, since there has not been a strong increase in hospitalizations and deaths. Despite this, in the last seven days, the number of hospitalized has risen almost 25%, according to government data.

Let each decide

According to the media on Monday, Johnson will tell the population that they must “learn to live” with the coronavirus and that each one must evaluate the level of risk when deciding, for example, whether to use the mask on public transport . Specifically, Johnson is expected to provide details on the use of masks, social distance in pubs or restaurants, holding large events and teleworking.

According to information from The Guardian, the Government’s plan is to eliminate the mandatory nature of masks and social distancing, although there could be national recommendations to promote caution in high-risk areas, such as public transport.

In addition to Johnson, whose press conference is expected at 18:00 (Spanish time), the new Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, will explain the next steps on the restrictions this afternoon in Parliament.

A few weeks ago, the Government decided to delay from June 21 to July 19 the lifting of restrictive measures due to the rise in infections due to the spread of the delta variant. This afternoon Johnson is expected to make it clear that the pandemic is not over and that infections will increase.

So far, 86% of the adult population in the UK have received the first dose of the vaccine and 63.8% of adults the full vaccination schedule. Only those over 18 years of age can be vaccinated, as the Government has not authorized the vaccination of adolescents.