Saturday, December 10

Enrico Letta announces his resignation and the convocation of a congress of the Democratic Party

The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, has announced that he will stop leading the party after the celebration of a Congress in which the formation will have to open a new stage. “It will have to be a Congress of deep reflection on what the PD is and what it wants to be, a new PD that is equal to the challenge we face,” said Letta, the day after the elections that deliver the Government of the country on the right. “It’s a sad day and hard days await us,” commented the progressive leader at the beginning of his speech at the party’s headquarters in Calle del Nazareno, in Rome.

Letta’s is a deferred resignation since she will remain in charge of the formation until the call of the conference that will have to look for a new leader. “I will ensure the leadership of the Democratic Party with a spirit of service ahead of this congress, to which I am not running as a candidate: I believe that it is up to the new generations to build the Democratic Party of the future”, he explained. The names that have been around for a long time both come from the Emilia Romagna region: they are those of the president of the region, Stefano Bonaccini, and its vice president, Elly Schlein, whose speech at the closing of the campaign in Rome was one of the most applauded .

The PD obtained 19.5% of the votes, falling below the 20% threshold that marked the limit between an acceptable result and a resounding defeat. “The Pd is the first opposition force, we will make a tough and intransigent opposition. The PD will not allow Italy to leave the heart of Europe, where it is and where it has to be, we will not allow Italy to move away from European values ​​and the Constitution”, said Letta, affirming that what has just happened in Italy It had already happened a few days ago in the elections in Sweden with the rise of the Swedish Democrats.

Letta, who was in charge of the Government for a few months between 2013 and 2014, returned to Italian politics after a period as director of the School of International Affairs of the University of Political Sciences of Paris, and tried to widen the borders of the alliance. The idea was to include the 5 Star Movement (M5S for its acronym in Italian), but it failed when the M5S contributed, together with the League and Forza Italia, to the fall of the Draghi government in July.

The failed alliance with the M5S

The PD leader also attributed this Sunday’s result to this failed attempt, but attributed the failure of the possible alliance to Giuseppe Conte and his decision to bring down Draghi. “If we go from Mario Draghi to Giorgia Meloni, that is why. We did our best to create an alternative to the right. Around us, other formations that did not work against the right but against us”, said Letta, referring to the M5S but also to Carlo Calenda’s centrists, who in alliance with Matteo Letta, ate ground from the center-left alliance. One of the consequences of this competition is the defeat of veteran politician Emma Bonino, who, despite having obtained a good result, loses her seat in Parliament.

Letta leaves the future of the PD in the hands of others, who will have to try, he said, to build that “wide field” that he failed to create also because of the open confrontation with Conte. The leader of the ‘grillini’ in recent weeks had repeated that sitting at the table with the PD would have been impossible with the current leadership. We will have to see what scenarios will open up when he will change the leadership in the direction of the Nazarene.