Friday, January 28

Enrique López refuses to talk about his meeting with the PP lawyer and a friend of Bárcenas for being “private”

The counselor of Justice of the Community of Madrid, Enrique López, has refused to give details in the Congress of the meeting he organized between the lawyer who works for the PP, Jesús Santos, and a friend of Bárcenas for belonging to his “field private”. López was a magistrate of the Criminal Chamber of the National High Court when that meeting took place, in full investigation of the Gürtel case, which deals with corruption linked to the Popular Party.

To questions from the Socialist Group, López said that both Agustín de Diego, a friend of Bárcenas, and Jesús Santos, the PP lawyer, belong to his “circle of knowledge.” Enrique López, current member of the PP leadership, has told the Kitchen case investigation commission that he limited himself to presenting them and that in no case did he mediate anything. “I beg you not to mediate or not to mediate because that is to resolve a conflict between them,” he told the Socialist spokesman, Felipe Sicilia.

The only aspect that López has specified has been that the meeting took place at the request of Agustín de Diego. In subsequent meetings with him, López has said that they never discussed the matter again. “I only presented them. The form and others belong to my private life,” he added.

The PSOE spokesman has asked him if he informed his colleague from the National Court, José de la Mata, instructor of the Gürtel and Caja B cases, of said meeting. “I had no obligation to inform anyone about what I do in my private life and that it is not important from a jurisdictional point of view,” said the Ayuso government’s justice counselor. The friend of Bárcenas and the lawyer of the PP, after the meeting organized by López, saw each other twelve more times.