Tuesday, January 18

Ensa receives a BBB stable outlook rating from Fitch Ratings

Despite the financial and economic challenges globally imposed by the pandemic, Ensa, an electricity distribution company in the northeast of Panama, has reached an important goal after maintaining the BBB rating stable outlook what gives Fitch Ratings.

The risk rating agency based its rating on the company’s management style, highlighting its financial strength at the national level and places it as a regional benchmark in the energy industry.

Likewise, the evaluation committee supports its rating on aspects such as the company’s current relationship with the Panamanian Government, Ensa’s corporate governance controls and the execution of long-term debt that mitigates the risk of debt and its interest coverage, in other aspects.

“This rating from Fitch Ratings represents the optimism and commitment of the entire Ensa team to continue working responsibly for Panama. Our vision is to contribute to the growth and sustainable development of the country and to be a benchmark in the energy sector in the region “, he said Esteban Barrientos, CEO of Ensa.

Barrientos highlighted that the company’s financial stability is also reflected in the investments made by Ensa aimed at modernizing its service and expanding the electricity grid, with the aim of guaranteeing efficiency and quality to the more than 500 thousand clients in the northeast of Panama, Colón, Darien, Guna Yala and the Pacific Islands.

The risk rating agency Fitch Ratings evaluates the economic and financial aspects of countries and companies regarding their debt capacity and their conditions to receive investments; In this sense, it ratified its rating for ENSA based on the financial strength of the company and the strategies drawn up to guarantee its growth and stability.


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