Monday, March 4

Entre Ríos joins Santa Fe and provides assistance to producers affected by the drought

“We analyze the climatic situation that the province is going through and that has affected several areas of the country and had a very strong impact on some crops, fundamentally those of coarse harvest, mainly corn and sorghum, and also some soybeans”, said Bordet at the end of the meeting with local media. The objective of the meeting, said the province, was to obtain the tools so that those producers who saw their production decrease, or who suffered losses, can rebuild their working capital, face the next planting campaign and sustain the productive system.

“We also talk about issues that go beyond the situation to find solutions. This is achieved precisely through consensus and dialogue. Our government has always had that vocation: to sit down at the table whenever it is required, and build public policies that address the medium and long-term problems of the sector,” he explained.


Bordet reported that, around the emergency, it contemplates the provision of financing lines to sustain productive activity. “The lines of credit are fundamental and for that, from the province, we set up a funding of 700 million pesos in Fogaer, which is the Guarantee Fund of Entre Ríos. This allows a producer who does not have a real guarantee to access credit. In addition, we returned to fund the Finver with 1,000 million pesos for this year”. “This represents rapid credit assistance for producers,” concluded.

It is worth remembering that Governor Bordet accompanied Julián Domínguez, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, to tour the affected areas over the weekend. Although there is still no official confirmation regarding the increase in the Agricultural Assistance Fund, there are already several provinces that are analyzing the particular situation and offering their help. Such is the case of Santa Fe, which is also evaluating the agricultural emergency but in the meantime, is collaborating with the producers to moderate the heavy losses.