Friday, December 3

Entrepreneurs detach from the agreement on the fairness of pensions

Employers detach themselves from the negotiation of the pension equity mechanism. The employers have rejected this Monday to join the agreement to contribute more for a decade with the aim of creating a “cushion” of income to guarantee the pensions of the generation of the baby boom. The Government will continue negotiating throughout this Monday with the unions, during the afternoon, they explain in UGT. This November 15, the deadline for reaching a social agreement on this element ends, which will replace the sustainability factor of the PP pensions, which caused high cuts in future pensions. Above all, those of the youngest.

“The Executive Committee of CEOE today rejected the Government’s proposal in relation to the Intergenerational Equity Mechanism of pensions, which should replace the Sustainability Factor, considering that it is insufficient, that it does not guarantee the balance of the system and that it will need measures additional in the future to ensure its sustainability, “the employer’s association explained in a statement.

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