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Epic Games Buys Guitar Hero and Rock Band Creative Studio | Digital Trends Spanish

Harmonix, the development studio behind the now not so popular Guitar hero and Rock band, has a new owner. It is Epic Games, which has acquired the entire company.

The statement delivered by both Harmonix and Epic Games indicated that the next great project is to create “travel and musical playability for Fortnite ”, although without delving into more details about what that means. Fortnite Until now, she has been no stranger to music, and renowned artists have given in-game concerts.

But of course, what Harmonix created over the years with its two most recognized brands is something different since it involved plastic instruments and rhythm mechanics.


It seems that this acquisition of Epic Games does not mean that the current Harmonix games will end their useful life or anything like that. The study advised that the downloadable content of Rock band 4 It will continue as if nothing had happened and they already have plans for the following year; those plans include season 26 of the mode Rivals Season of the game.

The same will happen with Fuser, another rhythm game that will carry on with its events without any change. And the same will happen with any other old title of the study that is active in one way or another.

Instead, beyond Rock band 4 There don’t seem to be any plans for another game of the same caliber. Plastic instruments had their boom towards the end of the 2000s, but then they came down from that wave and their massiveness was no longer the same. Rock band 4 It was the last Harmonix game with that scheme, and although it was released a few years ago, it is still around thanks to the constant addition of new songs.

It will definitely be interesting to see what happens with Harmonix within Epic Games and, above all, working with Fortnite.

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