Tuesday, November 28

Era7 Presents the eSportFi Marriage Between eSports and GameFi

The online gaming industry is thriving, and one reason for this success is the freedom players are given. In most online games, players can express themselves however they choose, from their avatar to how the characters interact. This feature has made gaming a lifestyle for millennials.

However, like any other human invention, online games come with their problems. For example, all game data is stored on centralized servers leaving the players without access. In other words, the players’ progress is entirely in the hands of a central organization.

The integration of blockchain into gaming has eliminated this limitation, though. Game data is stored on the blockchain and secured by smart contracts in blockchain games. This new development has led to the emergence of the play-to-earn model. Now players can enjoy their favorite games while still earning crypto and valuable in-game assets as a potential source of income.

Games like StarCraft, DotA, League of Legends, Fortnite, and so forth have sparked the competitive spirits of gamers throughout the entire world, with major tournaments with millions in prize money being a regular occurrence.

The gaming phenomenon is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, which has surpassed hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

The eSportFi Model

Era7: Game Of Truth, a light Esports blockchain-based game, combines distributed ledger technology and Esports to give players a new gaming model – EsportFi. It comes with the spirit gamers are used to and DeFi to produce incentivizing arithmetic. It gives users competitive game modes while facilitating security, fairness, and circulation through decentralization.

As a result, EsportFi’s innovative model provides gamers with various features. Even though GameFi simply merges NFT + DeFi, the gaming model focuses mainly on DeFi. By supplying liquidity, GameFi allows players to profit more from their activities. In Era7, battles, contests, and card collection featured creating a new computing power system.


Features of Era7

Era7 presents some of the following features which are atypical to traditional GameFi projects:

  • Better and quicker interaction speed: In terms of gameplay, the EsportFi model focuses mainly on better interactions. Each game is designed to make players more passionate to win and experience more joy from their victories.
  • Applies the play-to-earn model with more rewards in less time: Era7 games are light, allowing gamers to potentially make more money and get rewarded in less time. And gamers can earn more during special during quarterly and annual events.
  • ESportFi’s contest system: Later, contests will be held, allowing players to bet on games. More gamers can join the platform because of its unique gameplay and contest style. An excellent example of this highlight is HEROcoin, where players can either create their rules or follow established rules. After each contest ends, the tokens collected will be split into winner bonuses, incentives for contest creators, and participation awards.

In-game assets are often created by the platform or third party. Unlike the typical marketplace where traders are charged excessively, trading on ERA7 is more straightforward without hidden charges.

The Relationship Between eSportFi and Blockchain

As mentioned above, EsportFi is a relatively new gaming concept. ERA7 is built considering the average gamer, so the platform is easy to figure out no matter what the type of player. This allows the player to develop keen interest in the game while also being educated on the play-to-earn model and the world of blockchain-based technology.

In this regard, Era7 aims to pioneer the nascent field with incentives that will further the industry and capture more of the growing online gaming market.

The IFO event with Pancakeswap will take place in February 2022.


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