Sunday, January 29

ERC affirms that embezzlement has not been negotiated for “personal situations” but for “future generations”

The spokesman for Esquerra Republicana in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, has denied on Tuesday that the reform of the crime of embezzlement that his formation has agreed with the PSOE has not been negotiated thinking of “personal situations”, in reference to the leaders of the process, but for “future generations” and “future events”.

“I can assure you that the ones I have been in have not been negotiated based on personal situations, names, convictions, of one or the other. So that it is understood, in this reform much more thought has been given to future generations, future events, than to past or current generations or past or current events”, Rufián said at the press conference after the Board of Spokesmen of the Congress.

ERC therefore rules out assessing whether the transactional amendment that they have agreed with the PSOE to redesign the crime of embezzlement, within the reform of the Criminal Code that is being processed in Congress, can benefit independent leaders abroad in a future trial like the former president Carles Puigdemont.

Socialists and Republicans reached an agreement yesterday to retouch the crime of embezzlement and that the Penal Code punish with up to three or four years in prison, compared to eight of the current one, the crime in cases where there is no profit motive. The amendment of the groups will correct the reform of the crime that the PP made in 2015, to raise and equate the penalties both for cases in which public funds were stolen for private uses and those in which the money was used for public spending, but prohibited or different than expected.

Rufián has said that he cannot make a forecast of how the Justice system could interpret this reform in relation to the pro-independence leaders who participated in the process: “I cannot tell you what Marchena and company are going to do. We cannot change the Judiciary and there is a huge problem with it beyond independence.” “I find it curious that politicians are held responsible for the misleading interpretations of the Judiciary,” he added.

Asked about the speed of the processing of this reform in Congress, one of the aspects that has escaped the opposition, Rufián specified that this issue has been negotiating for months. “We are never responsible for a negotiation reaching the last minute and for it being done with such a tremendous media focus as now. It is a bad way for an agreement to be made, but these are the times, the forms and the manners of the PSOE. We try not to make it happen but sometimes it happens”, has been unmarked.

On the other hand, the Republican spokesman has emphasized that the reform is part of the path to a “solution” to a “political conflict” that should end with a referendum. However, he has recognized that this consultation is a “multilateral solution” that involves a lot of political actors, for which he has ruled out giving an approximate date on the holding of this possible referendum: “We would do it tomorrow.”