Monday, October 18

ERC chills its support for the Budgets: “Right now we would vote no”

The parties take positions in the negotiation of the General State Budgets (PGE). ERC, parliamentary partner of the coalition government, has warned this Monday that today its vote on the accounts would be negative in the absence of compliance with the commitments made to give the green light to the previous budgets.

“Right now we would vote no on Sánchez’s accounts because the Government makes it very difficult, but we want to explore the negotiation,” said the deputy general secretary of ERC, Marta Vilalta. It is not therefore a definitive rejection, but the Republicans are waiting to start conversations with the Executive and to know the details of the budgets.

Vilalta has emphasized that before beginning the negotiation, the Government would have to “fulfill the pending duties” of last year’s accounts. It is something that Republicans have been insisting on in recent weeks, especially after the crisis caused by the Cercanías strike last week, which has once again exposed the deficiencies of the Catalan railway network.

According to the Republicans, the execution of budgetary investments for 2021 in Catalonia contemplated in the previous accounts has remained at around 15%, a figure that they claim to improve before negotiating the accounts for 2022. “The Government has not done its homework and He is not doing what he knows he has to do to have support, “added Vilalta.

What they know about the budgets for now – “we know it from the press,” Vilalta has lamented – does not convince Republicans either. “The proposal is far from key issues such as the conquest and shielding of rights and the commitment to transformation,” said the Republican leader in reference to the youth check for rents.

While waiting for the start of the talks, the PSC and the ‘comuns’ have asked the Republicans to leave out of the budget negotiation the claim for the complete transfer of the Cercanías network, which the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, requested by letter to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

The deputy spokesman in the Parliament, Raúl Moreno, has insisted that the accounts “serve public policies” and that the transfer of Cercanías must be negotiated in other bodies between the Generalitat and the State. “It would not be understood that the fact that there was no transfer meant voting against the budgets,” he said.

The same idea has been expressed by the spokesperson for Catalunya en Comú, Joan Mena, who has demanded that ERC “not condition” the accounts on the transfer of Cercanías. Mena has insisted that the budgets “have room for improvement”, but has stressed that issues such as the rail transfer can be addressed “in other bodies and other tables” other than the negotiation of the accounts.

PSC and ‘comuns’ disagree on the airport

If this weekend ERC and Junts again showed their discrepancies about the project for the expansion of the Barcelona-El Prat airport, this Monday they have done the same socialists and ‘comuns’, partners both in the central Executive and in the Barcelona city council .

From the PSC, Moreno has demanded that the Government be “serious” and “make concrete proposals”, after the vice president, Jordi Puigneró (Junts), announced that he is working on “various scenarios” to resume the expansion of El Prat, one of which it would happen to affect two protected areas instead of one. Aragonès disavowed Puigneró 24 hours later, who will appear in Parliament this Wednesday to report on the expansion.

“We gladly accept Puigneró’s proposal, because he has always opted for the renewal of the Prat, but he does not have the support of his Government,” Moreno said. On the other hand, Mena has valued that Puigneró’s proposal “goes against the common sense of the 21st century” and has appealed to Aragonès to “make it clear if he supports the new occurrence” of Puigneró.

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