Wednesday, May 18

ERC confirms that it will vote against the anti-crisis decree due to the lack of answers on espionage

ERC will finally vote no to the decree with special economic measures to deal with the consequences of the war in Ukraine. The Republicans have chosen to punish the Government due to the lack of answers from the Executive in the espionage case that affected more than 60 people through the Pegasus software. “The ERC vote”, they have justified in a statement, “is a first warning to the Spanish Government, which must assume responsibilities and guarantee all transparency in the Pegasus case, a new case of political repression. To begin with, the minister responsible for this scandal must resign. None of this has happened so far.”

The Republicans had demanded that the Government make moves along the lines of assuming responsibilities and clarifying the facts. For that they demanded that resignations take place and the commitment to open an investigation commission. After more than a week demanding the assumption of responsibilities in general, this Tuesday for the first time the president of the Generalitat named the person he considered should leave office: Margarita Robles. The Minister of Defense made an intervention in the control session in which she did not deny the wiretapping and justified it due to various criminal actions by the independentistas, such as fomenting riots in the street after the procés sentence, some words that felt bad at the match.

From the lectern, the independentista deputy Montse Bassa has avoided revealing the vote of her formation and has only spoken about the espionage case. “They know intimacies of our families, friends and relatives. They know the emails and calls from journalists and the strategy of lawyers”, she said, to then ensure that “if you want to know what we voted for, ask the CNI”.

In the statement sent to the media, the Republicans did explain their vote, contrary, in addition to charging against the Government. “The PSOE acts irresponsibly in regard to the lack of support from the Royal Decree”, added ERC in its statement, which has criticized the fact that the decision on the decree is “fall on the spies”. “The Republican Left will continue with an outstretched hand to promote measures to support the people, but never at the cost of giving up the defense of fundamental rights, which is the same as giving up the defense of citizenship,” he assured.

Despite the vote against ERC, the ‘yes’ announced by PNV and EH Bildu guarantees that the Government will be able to carry out the anti-crisis decree, after this Wednesday at the last minute the Executive opened its hand to process the decree as a bill to introduce some of the proposals demanded by the opposition. It was thus a matter of bringing the PP closer if the traditional partners failed, an alternative that ultimately will not need to be put in place.

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