Wednesday, October 27

ERC continues in the ‘no’ to Budgets although it believes an agreement is possible

Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC), one of the partners that the Government needs to approve the General State Budgets registered this Wednesday in the Congress of Deputies, continues in the ‘no’ to the accounts after knowing the Executive’s proposal. But the spokesman for the Republicans in the Lower House, Gabriel Rufián, has opened the door to the agreement on Thursday in the coming weeks.

The Budgets include an aid of up to 100 euros per child for families with low incomes

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“We have shown that we do not publicize our negotiations, we do not talk about our conditions, red lines, or put time lines,” Rufián warned at a press conference in Congress. But, immediately afterwards, the ERC spokesman has assured that his party is not going to “miss any opportunity to improve the lives of Catalans.” “We are here to take charge of reality. We want to use all our negotiating force so that the budget is good for everyone,” he remarked.

Rufián has considered “a bad thing” for the Government to “start a negotiation through the media.” “We would have liked to have information before,” he said, although, afterwards, he has shown his willingness to negotiate: “We will sit down and talk. We will use the strength we have, with 13 deputies, to do things.”

The Republican leader has wanted to be very careful in giving clues about his demands. However, he recalled that the “agenda” that “worries” his group has to do with “pensions”, the “audiovisual agenda”, the “Catalan language”, “investments in Catalonia” or “democratic memory” . “The only thing that should be isolated from the political agenda, from everything that happens, is the negotiating table [entre Gobierno y Generalitat]. The rest, everything affects, “he warned.

The relationship with Junts

Without wanting to give more details, Rufián has assured that “there are a lot of things that can favor or not the climate of negotiation of the Budgets”, although “ERC is very clear how the PSOE negotiates”. “We know them perfectly and we know what the strength of ERC is and now with Ciudadanos approaching the extreme right everything happens for us. It is the opportunity for a good agreement if a good agreement is reached”, he has settled.

Rufián has assured not wanting to enter the melee with Junts, his partner in the Catalan Government, in terms of Budgets, although he has made a reflection on the matter: “It is curious that Junts does want to sit down with the PSOE to negotiate some Budgets and does not want to sit down with the PSOE to negotiate a political conflict “.

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