Tuesday, July 27

ERC, Junts and Vox refuse to extend the extra pay for COVID-19 to sanitary cleaning personnel

The Parliament of Catalonia, with the votes of ERC, Junts and Vox, has rejected this Thursday to extend the extra pay that health personnel have received due to the pandemic to the rest of workers who have not yet received it, such as cleaning personnel health that has been in the forefront of the fight against the pandemic. Independentists and the extreme right have joined their votes to knock down the point of the motion of the ‘comuns’ that demanded the extension of the extra pay, which has received the support of the rest of the groups – PSC, CUP, Ciudadanos and PP.

The same votes of pro-independence and extreme right have served to reject another point of the motion that demanded from the Government a proposal so that before the end of the year the participation of workers’ representatives in the governance of public companies of the Generalitat be contemplated .

On the other hand, the Chamber has approved, at the initiative of En Comú Podem, to paralyze all health outsourcing processes, such as surgical sterilization, and to provide the system with its own human, material and organizational resources to guarantee its coverage under conditions of quality, as well as initiating a process of reversal of the privatizations of basic health services, such as 061 services and health transport. The two groups of the Government, the PSC and the CUP, have joined the motion defended by the deputy of the ‘comuns’ Joan Carles Gallego.

Finally, the Chamber has approved the amendment negotiated between the ‘comuns’ and the PSC, so that the Government updates, in a consensual manner with the legal representation of the Generalitat workers, the diagnosis of the conditions of equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, including the gender pay gap, as well as the effectiveness of measures to eliminate discrimination based on sex among public employees.


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