Thursday, December 8

ERC ratifies Gabriel Rufián as a candidate for mayor of Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona)

The local ERC assembly of Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona) has formally ratified the party’s spokesman in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, as candidate for mayor of the municipality this Saturday. Rufián’s objective is to defeat the socialist Núria Parlón, who commands the consistory with an absolute majority and is running for re-election.

Rufián calls out the government’s measures as stingy and asks for a mortgage rescue fund so that the right does not devastate

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In a statement, the party explained that Rufián will be the mayor with the aim of “promoting and reinforcing the republican project in the city and in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona”, and that it will make it compatible with the position of spokesperson in Congress, reports Europe Press.

In the assembly this Saturday, Rufián has expressed his willingness to make himself available to the citizens of the municipality “to consolidate and advance an eight-year project, ambitious, useful and of profound change in the city.”

The Republican faces the challenge of unseating the Socialists from one of their historical fiefdoms. Parlón authoritatively won the 2019 elections with 17 councilors out of 27. ERC was fourth, with three mayors, the same as the comuns, and Ciutadans was second with four seats, far behind the Socialists.

The election of Rufián is part of the ERC strategy of trying to battle the Socialists in the classic PSC squares in the metropolitan area. In L’Hospitalet, where the socialist Núria Parlón governs, the republicans have chosen the ex-socialist Jaume Graells, denouncer of the Consell Esportiu case for which two other former socialist mayors have ended up on the bench accused of fraud.

This same Saturday, in an interview in The newspaper, Rufián has assured that his project in the municipality is for two legislatures: “I am not going to leave the people of Santa Coloma lying around, we have a long-range project, of eight years.” Asked if he will abandon his position in Congress, he has replied that his party has a half project: “It gives us for one more legislature.”

He has assured that he will waive any compensation for his work in the city and that he will not accumulate “positions or wealth” because his objective is to contribute his six years of experience in Madrid to Santa Coloma and condition the PSC in the consistory after 31 years of governments Socialists in the city.

Rufián has defended that the ERC has demonstrated its unequivocal will for dialogue and negotiation and that the party is “also aware that the only way for the PSOE to move is with its legislative agenda.”