Sunday, August 14

ERC refuses to exchange votes with the PSC in Congress and Parliament for budgets

ERC has rejected that it seeks to exchange votes with the PSC in Congress and in Parliament to approve the budgets of the State and the Catalans after this Friday, at the last minute, the Republicans paved the way to the Government’s accounts by discarding the amendment to the whole.

The CUP, they say from ERC, continues to be their priority partner, although the anti-capitalists have stated again this Saturday that they are still far from facilitating the approval of the Government’s budgets.

“We absolutely ruled out an exchange with the PSC. Here the priority and the only bet is to approve the budgets with the CUP,” said ERC spokeswoman Marta Vilalta this Saturday in an interview on Catalunya Ràdio.

On the other hand, the CUP doubts if ERC seeks the endorsement of the PSC to the Catalan accounts in exchange for allowing the processing of the General State Budgets. This was expressed by the CUP deputy Eulàlia Reguant, who in an interview with Europa Press wondered if the budget negotiations between ERC and the central government “are linked to what will end up happening here with the PSC”.

Reguant recalled that the Socialists have been offering the Government for months to approve the Catalan accounts and pointed out that there could be a dynamic like that of 2020, when the ‘comuns’ facilitated the approval of the Catalan accounts and ERC those of the State and those of the Barcelona City Council, a scenario that the CUP parliamentarian has criticized because, in her opinion, it means “propping up the regime.”

For her part, the PSC spokeswoman in Parliament, Alícia Romero, has considered that the Government will choose to agree on the Catalan budgets with the Socialists if it does not reach an agreement with the CUP before having to extend the current accounts given the need to have new budgets.

“We are aimed at approving some budgets and, in any case, if he cannot approve them with the CUP, he will have to approve them with the PSC,” Romero remarked in an interview with Europa Press.

Despite the offers of the PSC, the ERC has insisted on the agreement with the CUP to approve the Catalan accounts after the parliamentary coordination space of the anti-capitalists warned this Friday that, as of today, “they are not being fulfilled. “the investiture agreements, in addition to demanding from the president” a radical change “instead of” continuing to prioritize the macro-projects of brick and mass tourism. ”

Vilalta has responded to the anti-capitalists who continue to be his priority partner for a negotiation that the Government wants to have closed before November 9, the date on which it will present the accounts to the Parliament. “With the CUP we are further away than we would like but we are convinced that it will happen,” he said.

Regarding state accounts, Vilalta has guaranteed that the future Audiovisual Law will include percentages to shield Catalan in production, dubbing and subtitling, although it has avoided specifying the quota. However, he has warned that the shielding of Catalan is a “necessary but not sufficient condition” for the Republicans ‘yes’ to the Budgets and that with the passage of this Friday “the door to negotiation has only been opened.”