Saturday, November 26

ERC threatens to overturn the decree of measures against the espionage war

It has not clarified what the meaning of the ERC vote will be in the plenary session on Thursday, in the vote on the validation of the Government’s decree law to deal with the economic consequences of the war. But this Tuesday, the spokesman for the Republican formation in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, has threatened to drop the text that contemplates aid for more than 6,000 million euros for the case of espionage to 66 pro-independence leaders – including several from his party , such as the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès– and the lack of explanations from the Executive.

The Government offers ERC and Junts to enter the Official Secrets Commission so that the CNI explains Pegasus

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“The only language that the PSOE understands is touching or knocking down the legislative agenda,” Rufián remarked at a press conference. Asked again and again about whether the ERC will vote ‘no’ to the aforementioned decree, Rufián has considered that “the pressure should be transferred to the PSOE”. “If the PSOE does not like ERC, Bildu, BNG, Compromís, Más País or United We Can, nothing happens, let them say so, because they have an alternative: Feijóo’s PP”, he has settled.

“The most damaging thing in democracy is spying on someone because you don’t like how they think,” added Rufián, who has requested the resignation of Defense Minister Margarita Robles. “Every minute of silence affects the democracy of this country,” she stressed.

Regarding the formation of the Official Secrets Commission in Congress to elucidate everything related to espionage, Rufián has assured that “it is false that this commission was not convened due to crossed vetoes.” “It is a lie that ERC goes to any match. It does not veto any group”, he has assured, even defending the presence of Vox in said commission.

“Negotiating in politics is not giving up anything”

Asked if the espionage case supposes a break between the ERC and the Government, Rufián wanted to make it clear that for him, “as a democrat, negotiation, dialogue and the word are inalienable”. “Negotiating in politics is not giving up anything, it is not a defeat. Whoever says it or lies or wants to cover up their pacts. ERC promised to sit down with the Government, to make it understand that there is a conflict between Spain and Catalonia”, he insisted. “Who are we to say that we have to stop negotiating?” he asked himself.

“We negotiate with the PSOE, we talk with the PSOE about social and civil rights because we are the opposite. We are not responsible for the decisions of the PSOE, but we are responsible for some rectifications of the PSOE.