Friday, September 22

ERC urges Junts to present a formula to recover the functions of the presidency of the Parliament

The first vice-president of the Parliament, Alba Vergés, who has replaced the president since the suspension of Laura Borràs, has urged Junts to present a formula to recover the management functions of the Chamber. In statements to ‘El Matí de Catalunya Ràdio’, Vergés recalled that the investiture agreement establishes that the presidency of the Catalan chamber corresponds to Junts. “We are ready for anything. We are going to facilitate everything to fulfill this agreement”, she added. According to Vergés, it is a situation “unwanted by anyone” and she has regretted that the second institution in the country is in this case. The vice president has added that, as of September, the agreements must be fulfilled: “It is what it touches, what is agreed and what it should be”.

Borràs was suspended on July 28, after the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia opened an oral trial for alleged splitting of contracts when he directed the Institution of Catalan Letters (ILC). Something that has left Parliament in an unprecedented situation. As published by the Official Gazette of the Parliament of Catalonia (BOPC) last Friday, her first vice president replaces her “with the same rights and duties.” But Vergés wants this situation not to drag on over time and that an agreement be reached with Junts in September to return to the balance established by the government agreement: the presidency of the Generalitat corresponds to ERC and the presidency of Parliament, to Junts .

The same day that Borràs was suspended, the general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turull, assured that his party would not propose anyone to replace Borràs as president of Parliament. Now, it will be necessary to see if, although a new person is not voted for as president of the chamber, an agreement is reached to remake the correlation of forces in the Parliamentary Table. In the current situation, the governing body of the Catalan chamber has six members: 2 from ERC, 2 from PSC, 1 from Junts and 1 from CUP.

Lluís Puig’s proxy vote

Asked about the delegated vote of the deputy Lluís Puig, annulled by the Constitutional Court, Vergés has defended that the “necessary reforms” must be made to the Parliament’s regulations so that the rights of the Junts deputy can be guaranteed from now on. As she has recalled, the way to reform the regulation is the proposal made by the ERC parliamentary group.

For now, the formula agreed upon by the pro-independence members of the Table, under the presidency of Borràs, is that the president verbally counts Puig’s vote but does not appear on the electronic panel so as not to compromise the officials. Now we are awaiting the minutes of the July plenary sessions to see how they reflect this formula that Borràs used in the two July plenary sessions: July 6 and 7 and July 20 and 21.