Thursday, February 2

Erdogan asks Putin by phone for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has requested this Sunday in a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, an “immediate ceasefire” in Ukraine and has offered to find ways to achieve peace in that country.

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“Let’s open the path to peace together,” Erdogan told Putin in a telephone conversation that lasted for an hour, reports EFE. The dialogue between the two leaders takes place on a new day of war in Ukraine after the Russian invasion, in which the ceasefire intended to establish a humanitarian corridor in the city of Mariupol has once again failed.

As reported by the Turkish presidency, Erdogan has conveyed to Putin the importance of a truce to alleviate the humanitarian crisis and allow a negotiated solution. “Let’s open the path for peace together,” Erdogan told Putin.

The head of the Kremlin, for his part, has assured the Turkish president that the “special operation”, as Moscow describes the invasion of Ukraine, will only stop if Kiev abandons the resistance and accepts Russian demands, reports the Russian state agency RIA Nóvosti citing government sources.

The aforementioned agency has added that Putin has indicated to Erdogan that he is willing to dialogue on the condition that Ukraine accepts its demilitarization, “denazification” and the commitment to be a neutral country, without attempts to join NATO.

In the talk, Erdogan stressed that a general ceasefire “would not only alleviate humanitarian concerns in the region, but would also allow the search for a political solution,” stressed the communication office of the Turkish president.

The Islamist politician has assured that he continues to make efforts to carry out negotiations and that “he is ready to make any contribution to the solution, as soon as possible, of the problem of Ukraine by peaceful methods”, and this Sunday he also spoke with other leaders, such as the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, and the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.