Sunday, July 3

Ernest Maragall will repeat as ERC candidate for mayor of Barcelona

Ernest Maragall will repeat as the ERC candidate for mayor of Barcelona for the 2023 municipal elections, after being chosen as the head of the list this Friday with 90% support.

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The party has held from nine in the morning to eight at night the election day of the primaries to choose the head of the list. Maragall was the only candidate who attended the election and has obtained 476 votes, 55 blank.

The vote was open to members and sympathizers of Esquerra Republicana de Barcelona and members over 16 years of the Republican Youth of the Catalan capital. The proclamation of the candidate will take place this Saturday and will put an end to the primary process of the formation.

Maragall will be measured again with Ada Colau, whom she already won in votes in the previous elections despite the fact that both tied for councilors by obtaining 10 each candidacy. Manuel Valls’s votes allowed the current mayor to run for a second term.