Friday, July 1

Espadas agrees with Susana Díaz his “worthy” departure from the Andalusian PSOE and prevents a manager from taking control

The socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Board, Juan Espadas, has advanced this Friday morning that in the coming days the details of his agreement with the current secretary general of the PSOE-A, Susana Díaz, to carry out the transition will be known of power after the primaries of June 13.

Espadas asked Díaz not to resign so as not to force a manager

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The option of organizing a Steering Committee, the highest body between congresses, is the most feasible solution to avoid the constitution of a manager that takes control of the Andalusian federation. This committee, in charge of “supervising and coordinating the organizational mechanisms”, would facilitate the convocation of primaries to the general secretariat, a position that Diaz currently occupies. The former president of the Junta de Andalucía already announced after her defeat that she would not stand for re-election, thus leaving Espadas free to do “de jure“His leadership. Sources close to the candidate have not advanced the details of the” fruit “of the talks with Díaz with whom he will appear before the media” next week. ”

After days and days in which Diaz’s entrenchment was sensed, the advancement of these primaries confirms his “dignified departure” from a post he assumed in 2013, sources close to the former president say. “There is no personal stubbornness but a fluid dialogue so that this [la transición de poder] come out well “, Espadas cleared this Thursday. In fact, it was the new socialist leader in Andalusia who asked Díaz not to resign so as not to force the arrival of a manager. According to the statutes of the PSOE, in its article 344, the resignation of the general secretariat would entail the constitution of a manager, a fact that in the opinion of Espadas “is not justified or benefits the organization.”

Espadas has asked for patience during the last days and, once Díaz’s resignation has been ruled out, both have found “the best formula” to speed up the process of transition of power and eliminate the current situation of bicephaly that is uncomfortable in the federal Executive.

Although Espadas has stressed that the organic change is being carried out “without interference or pressure”, Ferraz had brought the Federal Committee to July 3 to favor an advancement of the primaries and thus make the socialist candidate for the Board the new Andalusian general secretary. The intention was clear: that the figure of Díaz did not influence the configuration of the delegates’ lists for both the regional and federal appointments.