Wednesday, July 6

Espadas already exercises and offers his “outstretched hand” to the Andalusian president, but warns him: “If the PP does not want to govern with the municipalities, we will be its worst nightmare”

When it is just one week after his triumph in the socialist primaries, the candidate for the Junta de Andalucía already serves as such. Juan Espadas has hosted an event in Seville focused on the area of ​​municipalism of the PSOE’s Framework Report for its 40th Federal Congress, to be held in Valencia on October 17. The mayor of the Seville capital has announced that this week he will hold a first meeting with who will be his main rival in the Andalusian elections, still a year and a half away, Juan Manuel Moreno, current president of the Board.

Andalusia appeals to “co-governance” with the central government so that “Spain does well”

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Espadas has said that he will offer his “outstretched hand” from that first contact, which will be on Thursday morning, and has indicated that his intention is to make a “constructive opposition” for the economic recovery. But he has also given him a warning: “If the PP does not want to govern with the municipalities, we will be its worst nightmare.” “I am going to set a flag, that of municipalism. Because the PSOE is going to return to the Government of Andalusia thanks to municipalism ”, he predicted.

The socialist candidate has preceded the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE and Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, and has been accompanied in this ‘premiere’ by many of the people who have supported his internal battle with Susana Díaz, such as the president of the Diputación de Jaén, Francisco Reyes; the mayor of Hueva, Gabriel Cruz; or whoever was the spokesperson for the former president on the Board, Miguel Ángel Vázquez. Also noteworthy is the presence of José Luis Ruiz Espejo, general secretary of the PSOE of Malaga, a province in which Espadas won a narrow victory despite the fact that its leader Diaz showed his public support in the primaries. Irene García, from Cádiz, has also attended.

The act, although advanced, has also arrived María Jesús Montero, spokesperson for the Government of Spain, after being vaccinated with the second dose against Covid-19 at the vaccine field that the Junta has enabled in the very nearby La Cartuja Stadium. The delegate of the Government in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, and the deputy delegate of the Government in Seville, Carlos Toscano, as well as several mayors of the province, such as those of Alcalá de Guadaíra or La Rinconada, have also attended a municipal meeting that, yes , the expected full capacity has not arrived, with some empty chairs in the assembly hall of the Hotel Barceló. Socialist sources have indicated that members of the Federal Executive, such as Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, have been present, but neither the regional nor the provincial PSOE have convened this act, which was attended by the general secretary of UGT-A, Carmen Castilla, trusting Espadas in the “vote cannon” that would mean that each member of the union voted for the PSOE in the elections.

“I’m going to leave my skin”

The PSOE candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía, who used municipalism as one of the strongest assets of his campaign against Díaz, has celebrated the beginning of the “new stage” in the party and has drawn a parallel between the municipal meeting this Sunday and the beginning of the path of the new parliamentary group of the Andalusian PSOE.

In fact, the first organic steps of Swords will be reflected this Monday when the permanent meeting of the Regional Executive Commission of the Andalusian PSOE, where the proposal for the renewal of the parliamentary group is expected to be approved, which includes a change in the spokesperson: the MP for Jaén Ángeles Férriz will replace José Fiscal from Huelva. The renewal of the group also includes the appointments of María Márquez, Gerardo Sánchez and Araceli Maese as new deputy spokespersons. A “new direction”, a “new style”, has insisted Espadas, despite using some expression that has brought to mind the most recent past of the Andalusian PSOE: “I’m going to leave my skin”, he said in a passage of his speech .

Espadas has insisted that the debates on regional and local financing should lead to “That the city councils are truly the State is the great objective of the closing of the legislature and the beginning of the next one,” he emphasized as mayor of Seville and winking to Minister Ábalos and the projects and “concrete proposals” on the part of the local corporations. “You cannot manage European funding without perfect coordination with the Government of Spain and the Junta. So far we have come ”, he commented, urging Moreno after his meeting with Pedro Sánchez to“ talk about European funds… and city councils ”. “In those funds will be the electoral program of the PSOE”, lamenting that “the extreme right” that “is conditioning the Government of the Junta” criticizes the “20-20 ideological agenda” when it is an agenda of the United Nations, of all, also of the city councils ”.

The mayor of Seville has repeated that municipalism is the “basic element of the socialist project” to “connect with citizens”, betting on “rebuilding trust, doing it very well from the policies of proximity, proximity and knowledge of their problems.” “That has allowed me to connect with the problems of people in the primary process,” he boasted. “Only from the bottom up can trust be achieved” because “we are the sum of the parts” and “each municipality contributes to the global of Andalusia from every corner no matter how small.”

Listen to the miitance

He has also requested “work from the militancy, from each house in the town to civil society”, from “different realities”, wondering “why they supported us and what we left on the way.” That is why it has opted to “listen to the militancy and the rank and file.” “That is the roadmap that we have ahead”, “go out to the streets to seek accessions” and “meet with neighborhood groups and entities during the coming months.”

Along these lines, he has advocated “working together”, “rowing in the same direction” and “without obscuring the project” for Andalusians. “The illusion must be carried to the end: reach San Telmo and govern Andalusia.” In this regard, he has commented on the “new style” in parliament and the “coordination with the federal PSOE”, showing Pedro Sánchez “a seamless support and thus we will be stronger in Andalusia, governing and helping to govern.” “We will govern Andalusia in the next legislature”, has concluded his speech.

In the socialist act the general coordinator of the Conference and deputy in the European Parliament, Lina Gálvez, also participated more briefly at the beginning; the PSOE spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly and coordinator of the 40th Congress Presentation, Hana Jalloul, and the speaker of the chapter ‘Municipalism and Rural World’ and Government delegate in Galicia, José Manuel Miñones.