Thursday, July 7

Espadas asked Díaz not to resign so as not to force a manager

“It is not the best formula for the PSOE of Andalusia.” The Socialist candidate for the Presidency of the Board, Juan Espadas, has clarified, at the insistence of journalists, that it was he himself who asked Susana Díaz not to resign from her position as general secretary. According to the statutes of the PSOE, in its article 344, the resignation of the general secretariat would entail the constitution of a manager, a fact that in the opinion of the new socialist leader in Andalusia “is not justified or benefits the organization.”

The PSOE advances the deadlines to accelerate the departure of Susana Díaz

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Espadas has insisted on the “absolute disposition” that Díaz has shown since his defeat was known in the primaries on June 13. “There is no kind of stubbornness but a fluid dialogue so that this [la transición de poder] come out well, “he finished. Since then he has wanted to lead a” normalization process “despite Ferraz’s movements, where the existing bicephaly within the Andalusian federation bothers.

Espadas, in his presentation before the socialist parliamentary group this Thursday, already announced that Díaz’s decision would be known in “a few days.” However, and given the progress of the conference, the uncertainty has remained. Until today. At the press conference after his meeting with the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Manuel Moreno, the Seville councilor wanted to emphasize that the “blockade” that the former president of the Junta de Andalucía was assumed to have been a managed transition process by himself. He also stressed that the organic change is being carried out “without interference or pressure from the federal Executive.”

Transition days

After the victory of Juan Espadas, his rival in the primaries, Susana Díaz announced that she would not run for reelection at the regional congress in December. He took a “step to the side” and gave the witness to “not get in the way.” However, he did not clarify his future. Announced a delayed gear since his intention was to maintain his position until the next regional congress that is scheduled in December.

“There are no bicefalias, the militancy has spoken and there is only one leadership,” said Espadas, knowing what was coming. Díaz had to assume defeat and for this he was granted time. His fit in the “new stage” of Andalusian socialism was in the air and was not resolved in the first meeting between the two. On June 18, Espadas and Díaz met to discuss the restructuring of the parliamentary group. Nothing more.

While from Ferraz, who had cleared balls at the beginning of the week, he redoubled the pressure to urge the general secretary of the Andalusians to resign. The federal Executive ruled out the “manu militari”, but at the same time, was getting impatient. In addition, forcing the departure of Díaz has a difficult fit either due to the suspicion of victimizing her well due to the fact that the socialist statutes themselves, after the reform of the federal congress of 2017, make this option impossible.

Again, primaries

The new political direction in PSOE of Andalusia is at present “de facto” while in the Federal Executive they seek as soon as possible “de jure “. Juan Espadas wants to be in control of the times and has reiterated that the decisions agreed with Susana Díaz will be known in the coming days. With “the best for the organization” as a mantra and resignation ruled out, the only possible way to save the appointment of a manager is the convocation of a primary to the general secretary.

At the beginning of the week the Socialist leadership decided to advance to July 3 – it was set for July 17 – the Federal Committee. Another turn of the screw from the federal Executive to ensure that the change in the general secretariat of Andalusia would be effective for the 40th federal Congress that will take place in Valencia in mid-October. The intention is that Díaz does not hold any organic position that could influence the appointment of delegates at both the regional and federal levels.

With this maneuver there is a free way to advance the primaries to the general secretariat of the PSOE-A. In theory, regional congresses should be held after the federal one, but it is the only option that Ferraz has to guarantee the agreed departure of Díaz.