Friday, September 24

Espadrilles Diplomacy

There is someone very concerned in the PP. The media, televisions, social networks show the Airbus 400M packed with Afghan refugees. Humanitarian action in its purest form. Hard to criticize. Well, Pablo Casado, impelled by his Secretary of the Interior and Justice, Enrique López, does it. That someone from the PP, with two fingers in front and a minimum of political sensitivity, pulls his hair.

Married, who for some time has seen everything in an electoral key, magnified by polls that put him in Moncloa, once again loses political sense of smell and when seamless support is needed in a crisis as terrible and as magnified by the media as that of Afghanistan, he puts the paw.

And this comes from the Pedro Sánchez espadrilles, which brought the national spokesman of the PP and mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to the wrong. True, it seemed a political strategy error to wear a suit and slip on espadrilles to hold a telematic meeting on the situation in Kabul. But in the face of another strategy error, that of the president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, with whoever he can from Afghanistan, Sánchez’s espadrilles were in the background, although Almeida declared: “To be in command and to be in espadrilles is incompatible “.

But Almeida, and the PP by what it seems, the shot has backfired. The diplomacy of espadrilles has allowed the Spanish president to score a particularly significant goal, a 25-minute conversation with the American president, which puts the meter of their conversations at 25 ‘and 40 “, if we add the 40 seconds of the famous The only thing to be determined is whether, on the occasion of the now longer conversation with Biden, Sánchez was still wearing espadrilles or moccasins.

Espadrilles aside, what before according to the PP was an affront of the almighty president of the United States of America to Sánchez, has become a successful diplomatic operation as soon as Biden found out, or was blown in his ear, that the USA has bases in Spain like Rota or Morón de la Frontera, and which is not next to Mexico, but in an exceptional geostrategic position, on the other side of the ocean in that Roman finisterre, in the middle of the Kabul-Washington road.

While the diplomacy of espadrilles was taking cruising speed, and the Airbus 400M planes completed the Torrejón-Dubai-Kabul route and vice versa, without stopping engines and full of Afghan refugees, the voice of another PP spokesman emerged, in this case the secretary of Justice and Interior of the Popular Party, Enrique López, who explains that the government’s action is a “military action outside of Spain”, and that for that reason, it may require “prior authorization from Congress, in accordance with article 17 of the Law on National defense”. That is to say, the person in charge of the PP branch wants to entangle with a legal fuss when the building burns and it is necessary to remove the staff as it is to the cry of “save who can” from Biden because, among other things, those of the Islamic State have thrown gasoline in hell with his suicide bombings at the airport itself.

The Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, surely at the limit of her endurance due to the complexity of the situation, jumps in a video prepared for this purpose with obvious anger, accuses the PP of showing “absolute ignorance” and explains: “The mission is a mission operational evolution Resolute Support, a NATO mission in which Spain has participated with 102 military men and women who have died “.

Things, the minister must think, should not paint very well for the PP when to attack the Government they use legalisms that would hinder the humanitarian work of the Armed Forces, when those Armed Forces are the usually laudatory terrain in which they move the right and the counter-right. We have gone from “the Legion to me” to “look at the seal on this official paper.” The party’s top leader, Pablo Casado himself, endorses what his spokesman said. “The PP questions the legality of the rescue mission in Afghanistan,” we read in the headline of a newspaper related to Casado.

And it is that Pablo Casado, who the crisis in Afghanistan has caught back to Spain, literally at the start of the Tour of Spain in Santa Pola, and then through different landscapes that he informs us on social networks, the last For now, on the fascinating island of El Hierro visiting a winery, he faces a new turn in that meandering, and certainly unique, policy of Sánchez. In this context, Casado is in danger of going from an espadrille diplomacy to an espadrille policy, and there he can err.

So once again, he pulls his hair out. But who have I had to deal with? He wonders. With a chiquilicuatre who one day says one thing, another the opposite, we have him prepared for the final blow with the pandemic and the you process, and now he emerges as a diplomatic strategist, in espadrilles as Almeida explained, thanks to the Afghan crisis, and that photo of a European leader is allowed in the middle of the Torrejón base with Ursula Von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, and Charles Michel, president of the European Council, at your side.

Married, who lately sees everything in an electoral key, begins to glimpse a dangerous cloud formation in the distance. The polls were favorable, the pandemic did its work with Sánchez as with other European leaders. Power wears out, but the virus wears out more. But now, in certain circles of the PP, they intuit that the road to the next elections is marked by difficulties. The situation is extremely positive. The economic figures, forecast already before the summer, allow us to glimpse a rapid post-pandemic recovery in employment. The vaccination figures in Spain are given as an example in the European sphere. European funds are beginning to arrive and the key to their distribution is in Moncloa.

For this reason, Casado is disappointed shouting that Sánchez “is going to use the funds to give drink to the independentistas and Bildu.” The Bildu thing, in the absence of ETA, gives a lot of play to the president of the PP. But every time it serves for less, except for those of the claque. Years ago the newspaper El Mundo headlined: “Maroto defends his pacts with Bildu and wants him to” spread the example. “Then, when he made a pact with Bildu, the now national leader of the PP, he was mayor of Vitoria for the same party. Married, in situation of political necessity, like Aznar at the time, will turn towards that example and will explain it to us clearly: “Where I said I say, I say Diego.”

For now, that future of making pacts to rule, stumbles with the formation of cumulus clouds in the distance. What before the summer, and after the socialist debacle in Madrid, was clearer, begins to present distant clouds and in certain popular collusions they begin to trust everything to what they consider foreseeable and inevitable definitive clash that will occur between Sánchez and his partners of Podemos as we advance towards the generals. That is the great hope of the PP’s prospective experts, that the left-wing conjunction explodes, because in Casado’s drifts they begin to not trust.

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