Thursday, May 19

Esperanza Aguirre’s in-laws moved part of the 197 million obtained with the AVE station in Guadalajara to Luxembourg

Micaela Valdés Ozores, in-law of Esperanza Aguirre, established in 2006 in Luxembourg the company Eprec SA to channel part of the money obtained after hitting a 197 million pitch with the AVE station in Guadalajara, as revealed this Monday infoFree.

The Government of José María Aznar decided in 1998, precisely at the time when Aguirre was Minister of Culture, that the AVE between Madrid and Barcelona would stop in a wasteland 13 kilometers from Guadalajara, in a town of just over 200 inhabitants called Yebes where Valdés Ozores had 3.4 million square meters of rustic land through the company El Arverjal SL.

The City Council, then in the hands of the PP, reclassified these rustic lands as urban in 2001. El Arverjal – a company in which Valdés Ozores owns more than 80% of the shares and the rest belongs to his children – ended up entering 200.4 for them. million euros between 2003 and 2006, according to the company’s commercial documentation consulted by infoLibre.

Before the requalification, all the assets of El Arverjal were valued at 3.2 million, so the pitch can be estimated at just over 197 million. The Yebes station was built on these lands and a new city for 34,000 inhabitants was planned, Valdeluz, which has ended up becoming a symbol of the excesses of brick.

Part of the money obtained immediately left Spain for Luxembourg. In 2005, Valdés Ozores decided to invest 6.75 million euros in a fund created there by Deutsche Bank and at the beginning of 2006 he established the company Eprec SA in the Grand Duchy and subscribed shares for an amount of 20 million. These investments in Luxembourg helped El Arverjal to reduce taxes paid in Spain.

The Valdés Ozores family did not build on those lands. In 2002 El Arverjal contributed the farm to a subsidiary of Construcciones Reyal –Las Dehesas de Guadalajara SL– and sold the shares received in exchange immediately to Reyal itself, through two contracts signed in 2003 and 2004 for which it ended up entering the 200.4 million euros mentioned. Years later, Valdeluz stayed in a ghost town, with just over 3,000 inhabitants; and the AVE station had an average of 213 passengers per day in 2017.