Tuesday, June 6

Espinosa de los Monteros in the neighborhood bar: Vox stirs the fear of the other

The Moratalaz markets are three large esplanades between blocks of flats in the district of the same name, in the east of Madrid. In the 1980s, in the drug years, they were a troubled area. Today they are filled with terraces and catering establishments, and the biggest problem in recent years has been the noise complaints from neighbors. There are no more benches to sit on, but on weekend afternoons you can see baby carriages and children playing, many of them children of recent emigration, who this afternoon kicked their balls while their parents watched placidly. In the basement of one of the bars, at the same time, the parliamentary spokesman for Vox, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, complained to some 50 supporters that Spain is threatened “by those who come from abroad” and by those who are already there. inside “but they don’t want to defend it”.

Vox chose for its foray into popular neighborhoods a bar that it had already visited in previous campaigns. The store’s façade woke up defaced with messages criticizing the alleged exploitation of its workers and accusing Vox of being fascist. In the afternoon there were a couple of national police vans in case there was an incident that did not occur, but which served as a hook for Espinosa to start his speech. It is understood that the employees of the establishment, mostly of Latin American origin, were not the target of the politician’s attacks, who distinguished foreigners “who come to work” from those who come with evil intentions. Also unaccompanied minors, whose wickedness is not intrinsic, as he reasoned, but rather caused by the hardships they go through, “and for this reason they should not be taken from their places of origin”, cajoling them with the message of “come here, you are going to get everything done.”

The deputy, self-assured, spent a while defending that Western civilization is “superior”, but he devoted most of his time to pointing out the PP for its alleged ideological laziness. “We are very close to getting them to continue depending on us,” he told those present, after defending, with a serious face, that Madrid’s gender identity and expression law, which dates from 2016, puts parents in danger of losing custody of their children if they refuse to be hormonal.

The education that is given to children today, in Madrid and in Spain, forms young people, according to Espinosa, “fragile” and not “strong”, as would be appropriate for the homeland. It should be the parents, the teachers and the curricular programs, more similar to those of South Korea, a country that he said he admired since he was a child, when he went to a private school and some Korean students did their homework on the bus, instead of wasting time like the boy Ivan and his friends.

The act had a relaxed character, and Espinosa joked that the ideal bipartisanship would be the one represented by Vox as “center right” and PP “as center left”, although in the Madrid city council, his party was not going to “be fooled ” by José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the mayor, as it seems that he deceived them in 2019 to get elected in the municipal corporation.

The 2030 Agenda and Mao

Espinosa spoke for three quarters of an hour before giving way to questions. A gentleman made him ugly for not having referred in all that time to “the bug of the West”; that is, Pedro Sanchez. Another attendee, who identified himself as “Luis, Venezuelan” lamented that “illegal” immigrants harm “legal” ones, like him. Finally, a third speaker brought up a common topic in these forums, but which until now had been ignored: the 2030 Agenda. Just at that moment, Rocío Monasterio, a candidate to preside over the community of Madrid, went down to the basement, who replied: “ It’s like Mao’s book for the communists, they apply it to everything.” Among these evils, the hoax, on account of bringing the services closer to the neighborhoods, that it is intended that the residents cannot leave their neighborhood. “You want to take the car and get closer to Madrid and you are afraid,” he warned.

The act closed with applause. A spontaneous had shouted minutes before “one, big and free”, but the rest paid no attention. Outside, it was getting dark, the children were no longer playing, but the terraces were still full.


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