Tuesday, December 7

Estrella Azul juices renew their juice image and return to their original flavor

Estrella Azul in its 65 years of experience in Panama, launched its new campaign “The taste of good times”, a change of image and flavor that seeks to provide consumers with the experience of years ago with which they shared unforgettable moments .

This renewed makeover also offers a new quality in soft drinks and juices, returning to the original recipe, only now with much more fruit and vitamin C.

“Estrella Azul returns to its original recipe to satisfy the palate of Panamanian families, who will remember the taste of good times; effecting a reformulation in the juices and a change of image. At Estrella Azul we want to innovate and evolve with products that connect with the consumer ”, he said Erick Cruz Sepúlveda, general manager of Estrella Azul.

The changes

With this release Blue Star, marks a before and after in the dairy and beverage industry by innovating in the market with a new and renewed image.

It should be noted that game packages now include a double layer of polyethylene that seals the container on its inner wall to avoid any possible decomposition, additionally they have a lid that opens in one step, it is practical to serve and prevents spills.

Regarding its flavor, the original recipe was retaken, which includes more fruit and vitamin C, all these changes are part of Estrella Azul’s commitment to keep in a constant process of market analysis to meet the expectations of Panamanian consumers.

Although they are not a new product, the family of juices will enjoy a transformation that we are sure will be to the liking of all our loyal consumers ”, stated Cruz.

It should be noted that the main difference of our products is that our lines have a fruit flavor that is closer to natural. We have a category of juices with eleven different flavors: guava pineapple, apple, passion fruit, peach, orange, orange pineapple, pear, pineapple and refreshing drinks with delicious flavors such as: orange, orange, fruit punch, 100% natural orange .