Sunday, December 5

Etesa invests more than $ 5 million to improve the reliability of the energy system in Panama Oeste

With the entry into operation of a new power autotransformer on October 15, 2021, and with an investment of $ 5.13 million, by the Electric Transmission Company, SA (Etesa) expects to increase the availability of the transformation park in the substation of La Chorrera.

Thanks to this investment in this substationn, Etesa increased installed transformation capacity to 300 megavoltiamperio (MVA) in each winding dand 115 kilowatts (kV) and 34.5 kV, in order to reliably meet the increase in demand in the West Panama area

In addition, preventive maintenance is guaranteed since the three autotransformers allow compliance with (criterion N-1) Security of the Electric Transmission Networka keeping at least 200 MVA available while a transformer goes out of operation.

The new power autotransformer is twice the capacity of the one that was replaced, relieving the load assumed by the entire transformation park, and increasing the useful life.

This project is part of Expansion Plan of the National Interconnected System (Pesin) 2019.