Thursday, October 6

ETF Cedears boom: their volume already accounts for almost 50% of the total segment

What is the main attraction of these instruments? In the first place, retail investors see this new option as a possibility where they can access it through the local market and in pesos. Second, the minimum values ​​are highlighted. According to the first survey carried out by PPI, the values ​​start from $1,000 (for the ARKK) to $6,000 (the highest value is the XLF). The third benefit, and no less important for that, unlike Cedears, which are instruments that focus on companies, this instrument will allow not having to do such selective research work, but instead seek exposure to particular sectors and interests.

Finally, in terms of benefits, they are efficient in terms of investment management: not only are they more convenient in terms of value, as stated above, but they avoid a bureaucratic process since they do not have intermediaries, as the CEDEARS do – in this case Comafi- with direct cash accreditation

In reference to the Cedears, they offer the possibility of operating in pesos through simple platforms, the purchase and sale is not affected by profits, and they allow dollarization legally and without restrictions, a very attractive option for local investors. Among other advantages, they can offer differences from 20% due to the rise in paper or CCL and have very good liquidity in addition to being one more option to diversify portfolios.

Among the most traded ETFs this Thursday, the SPY (+1.59) that replicates the S&P500 index, in second place, the innovation index (ARKK) appears with a rebound of 4.93% and in third place, the one that represents Brazilian shares (EWZ), with a rise of 2.05%.

The ones that register the least volume of operation are the energy (XLE) with a rise of 1.8%, the one that replicates the Dow Jones (DIA) with 1.5% and the ETF that represents emerging markets (FEM) with a rise of 2.5%.