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Ethan Hawke and Ewan McGregor are two stepbrothers in Raymond and Ray | Digital Trends Spanish

Ethan Hawke and Ewan McGregor have both had great original series on Disney Plus this year, with Moon Knight and Obi-Wan Kenobi, respectively. While those shows were fantasy adventures, his next project is much more realistic. AppleTV+ released the first trailer for Raymond and Rayan original movie that features Hawke and McGregor as the titular stepbrothers who aren’t necessarily thrilled to be back together.

Raymond & Ray — Official Trailer | AppleTV+

As shown in the trailer, there is quite a bit of tension between the two stepbrothers. But they reluctantly reunite when their estranged father, the man who caused so much pain in their lives, suddenly dies. And his late father’s last request was that his grown children personally dig his grave together. To their mutual surprise, they also find out that their father had a third child, and now they have a young half-brother they never knew before.

It also appears that McGregor’s Raymond is immediately attracted to his late father’s lover, who happens to be the mother of his younger half-brother. The trailer goes on to reveal that Raymond and Ray were once close, but the trauma of dealing with their father has separated them for decades, and it may be too late to truly reconcile.

Kiera, Maxim Swinton as Simon, Chris Silcox as Leon, and Chris Grabher as Vincent. Vondie Curtis-Hall and Oscar Núñez also star in the film.

Rodrigo García wrote and directed Raymond and Ray, which was produced by Alfonso Cuarón, Bonnie Curtis, Julie Lynn, Gabriela Rodríguez and Shea Kammer. Apple TV+ will debut Raymond and Ray on October 21.

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