Thursday, January 27

Ethereum and Dogecoin are among the 10 most searched terms on Google in 2021

A kind of google retrospective, the most used search service in the world, shows which terms were most searched for by people in 2021. Among the news industry, two cryptocurrencies are among the highest number of searches in the news industry.

Among the main reasons are the sharp rise in the price of cryptocurrencies this year, with many of them breaking price records as they took advantage of the rise in Bitcoin. Furthermore, it is also worth noting the involvement of several billionaires in the industry.

In addition to Google, the Collins Dictionary also mentioned cryptocurrencies by choosing NFT as the term of the year 2021. Showing that the world is increasingly interested in these new technologies.

Dogecoin e Ethereum

The two most searched cryptocurrencies in the world were Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ethereum (ETH), surprisingly Bitcoin (BTC) does not appear on this list, even with so many happenings this year, such as the US BTC ETF and the adoption of cryptocurrency by El Salvador.

Top searches in 2021. Source: Google

One of the reasons Dogecoin took this leap was the involvement of Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, in the spread of the industry’s oldest meme currency. Which also helped in the emergence of so many other shitcoins like Shiba and Floki Inu.

Ethereum already had a big jump in price this year, as well as Doge. Because of this, the most searched term was “Ethereum price” instead of just “Ethereum”. Among the reasons is its use by P2E games — which pay players — NFTs and the introduction of the system that burns part of the fees.

NFT was the word of the year

Despite not being listed in this Google retrospective, the word NFT was voted by the Collins Dictionary as the term of the year. With this, we can see that people are increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies.

NFT — acronym for Non-Fungible Token — is another exceptional use case for cryptocurrencies, currently being heavily explored by the arts and games sectors, attracting the attention of large companies like Ubisoft.

As for Bitcoin, the last time it was on this list was in 2017, when its price reached close to 20,000 dollars, currently quoted at 49,299 USD per currency. As for the year 2022, we hope that cryptocurrencies will continue to gain people’s interest because of their innovative technology.